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A Year Without Rent's Bizarro World

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We're raising money on Kickstarter for "A Year Without Rent", a multimedia project where filmmaker Lucas McNelly spends a year living on the road, working on indie film projects and exploring the idea of being a completely mobile creative professional.

As part of the Kickstarter campaign, we're building a Bizarro World for our $25 and up backers, where they can live somewhere else and be someone else, minus all that hassle of having to pack and getting a new identity.

Check it out! Join the new community.

 39 places   |  50,853 miles (81.840 km)   |  visibility: public   |  created 61 months ago   |  7,652 views   |  0 followers   |  0 copies

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    Lat/Lng: 46.263528 , -94.322119

    Phil Holbrook

    7393 Minnesota 371, Brainerd, MN 56401
    Years ago, in Point Hope, Alaska, a young Phil Holbrook was captivated by the Coen Brother's FARGO. After seeing a mere glimpse of a warmer climate, nothing could keep Phil from heading south. He landed in Brainerd, Minnesota, where his enthusiasm for the town quickly landed him a job at the Brainerd Lakes Chamber Welcome Center. He gives tours of Brainerd--epic, sprawling tours known to last for hours--and meticulously touches up the paint on the Center's Paul Bunyan statue.

    The real Phil Holbrook (@philontilt) does in fact live in Brainerd, where he recently directed the highly anticipated film TILT.

    • Spoxx
      2705 South Water St, Pittsburgh, PA  |  (412) 224-2328
      [MAP IMAGE]
      Lat/Lng: 40.428704 , -79.965029


      2705 South Water St, Pittsburgh, PA
      (412) 224-2328
      Spoxx came to America from Germany three years ago. He first touched down in Pittsburgh, which was supposed to just be a connection, but it was a long flight, and he was so tired of being in the plane (can you blame him?), that he decided to explore the city. Only, he got lost. Eventually, he found his way to the Hofbräuhaus, where his authentic German-ness allowed him to be hired on as a consultant. He was also in charge of teaching the waitresses how to correctly pronounce items on the menu. But, he couldn't shake the lure of show biz. He signed up to fill in for the guy who sings the drinking songs in the big hall. Before long, there was a line around the block. Now he's the hottest ticket in town.

      The real Spoxx (@spoxx) is a independent film and video maker - exploring collaborative OpenSource Filmmaking via internet. The website,, is in German.
      • [MAP IMAGE]
        Lat/Lng: 29.959478 , -90.064877

        Adam Woods

        Bourbon St, New Orleans, LA
        Adam Woods fell in love with New Orleans during his first trip for Mardi Gras. The next year he was back in force, only this time his car was full and he wasn't leaving no matter what. During Hurricane Katrina he could often be seen in the background behind Jim Cantore, mugging for the camera in his The Only Good Bush is a Reggie Bush t-shirt. These days, Adam makes a living re-selling beads to tourists and survives primarily on Kickstarter perks.

        The real Adam Woods (@adamewoods) lives in Philly, where he runs Camden Printworks, a screen-printing company that does indeed make the afore-mentioned Reggie Bush shirt. They also make all our t-shirts.
        • Leilani Holmes
          2128 Queen Anne Avenue North, Seattle, WA  |  (206) 283-5931
          [MAP IMAGE]
          Lat/Lng: 47.638341 , -122.356906

          Leilani Holmes

          2128 Queen Anne Avenue North, Seattle, WA
          (206) 283-5931
          Leilani's long-time obsession with tea led her to Teacup, a Seattle-based merchant that specializes in helping every tea lover know more about the tea they drink. She started as a customer, but soon became a connoisseur, eventually teaching Teacup's many classes. Now she's the best teacher they've got, and if you're really nice, she'll even read your tea leaves at the end of the class. But you better hope she doesn't see something bad. Because she's always right. Always.

          The real Leilani Holmes (@momentsoffilm) is a UK based actor and writer/director. She was nominated for a British Independent Film Award in 2006.

          • John Gallagher
            10401 Copper Avenue Northeast, Albuquerque, NM  |  (505) 294-8800
            [MAP IMAGE]
            Lat/Lng: 35.081427 , -106.531237

            John Gallagher

            10401 Copper Avenue Northeast, Albuquerque, NM
            (505) 294-8800
            If you're shopping for a new or used car in Albuquerque, head on down to Karl Malone Toyota and ask for John (he's the one on all those Employee of the Month plaques). He'll treat you right (he's not Employee of the Month because of his looks), get you in the car of your dreams, and even tell you what undercoating is (assuming he's having a good day and you aren't a jerk). Plus, until the end of the year, wear your retro Utah Jazz jersey and get 5% off. 10% if you also wear the John Stockton shorts.

            The real John Gallagher is a film producer and jack-of-all-trades in Pittsburgh. He produced my short film GRAVIDA and worked multiple crew jobs on BLANC DE BLANC
            • Michael Dittman
              182 Lynchburg Highway, Lynchburg, TN  |  (931) 759-6357
              [MAP IMAGE]
              Lat/Lng: 35.286017 , -86.369539

              Michael Dittman

              182 Lynchburg Highway, Lynchburg, TN
              (931) 759-6357
              Growing up, Michael Dittman was always the most literal kid around. He was terrible at football, as he couldn't get past the name. Then one night, in a bar in Oil City, PA, Jerome Wincek and the Old Hats played a cover of The Proclaimers' I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) and he knew he had to walk to his true love. Nine days later, he found himself at the Jack Daniels Distillery. He put up a tent, which he later converted into a rather nice lean-to. It's not so bad. He gets to maintain a healthy buzz and the Nashville music scene is conveniently nearby.

              The real Michael Dittman (@dittman) does indeed live in PA, where he writes venangago-go and chronicles the art scene of Oil City and the surrounding area.

              • Michele Simmons
                480 N Central Blvd, Quartzsite, AZ  |  (928) 927-6443
                [MAP IMAGE]
                Lat/Lng: 33.674577 , -114.217472

                Michele Simmons

                480 N Central Blvd, Quartzsite, AZ
                (928) 927-6443
                Michele Simmons has spent her life behind the camera. In college she had an internship with Annie Leibovitz, where she was, among other things, responsible for keeping her out of debt (see what happened after she left?). After graduation, she had her pick of jobs and subjects. She famously turned down the chance to take the first photographs of the Pitt-Jolie kids because the light was particularly striking in Central Park that day. You see, she's kind of eccentric. So few were surprised when she announced that she would retire to pursue her true passion--taking Polaroids of sunsets. She stocked up on instant film, bought an RV, and drove to the Desert Sunset RV Park, where late afternoon she can usually be found sitting in a lawn chair with a good glass of wine, waiting for the sun to go down.

                The real Michele Simmons (@mojave44) can be found on Twitter, where she mixes Zappa quotes with political commentary and cinematic musings.
                • [MAP IMAGE]
                  Lat/Lng: 28.907719 , -81.9737

                  Sean Gillane

                  1000 Lake Sumter Landing, Wildwood, FL 34785
                  Sean Gillane made his fortune the old-fashioned way: by being in the right place at the right time. He was in Mark Zuckerberg's regular poker game. He lived across the hall from Eric Schmidt. Steve Jobs owed him a favor from that one time he gave him a ride to the airport. He accumulated stock in their companies for Christmas. It was nearly worthless back then, but not anymore. Eventually, he decided he might as well retire, so he headed down to The Villages (, Florida's premiere retirement community. There he hustles shuffleboard and dominates in golf. It's a good life.

                  The real Sean Gillane (@sgillane) lives in San Francisco. He directed the feature film THE ANNUAL.

                  • [MAP IMAGE]
                    Lat/Lng: 40.745369 , -74.00503

                    Byron Dumbrill

                    454 W 20th St, New York, NY 10011
                    When Byron was 8, he hopped a train. He had no idea where it was going and didn't much care. And, sure, he was grounded when he got home, but it was worth it. The minute he got his license, he and a friend spent a summer driving down Route 66. So, it wasn't much of a surprise when he ended up in Manhattan, on a pilgrimage to find the room where Jack Kerouac wrote On the Road. He found it, at 454 West 20th Street. And for the first time in his adult life, he put down roots. Only, they didn't take. He keeps an address here, and will occasionally come back for a week or two, but he can usually be found out exploring the country.

                    The real Byron Dumbrill lives in West Hollywood and is the CEO of Tripline, which is the website you're on right now. It's awesome. Sign up for an account already.
                    • Melinda Jean Tierney
                      915 Walden Street, Concord, MA  |  (978) 369-3254
                      [MAP IMAGE]
                      Lat/Lng: 42.442543 , -71.345324

                      Melinda Jean Tierney

                      915 Walden Street, Concord, MA
                      (978) 369-3254
                      As a little girl, Melinda's grandparents bought her a kid-sized tent, and she would spent most evenings trying to convince her parents to let her sleep in it. At first they were hesitant, only letting her put it up in the living room, but finally they relented. She basically lived in that tent for a whole summer. She never quite shook the camping bug. These days, more often than not she can be found at Walden Pond, channeling her inner Thoreau. She barely uses a tent these days, instead sleeping directly on the ground, communing with nature the way God intended.

                      The real Melinda Jean Tierney lives in Maine. We went to school together way back in the day.
                      • Sheri Candler
                        1694 Montgomery Hwy #184, Birmingham, Alabama  |  (205) 978-5599
                        [MAP IMAGE]
                        Lat/Lng: 33.387858 , -86.807744

                        Sheri Candler

                        1694 Montgomery Hwy #184, Birmingham, Alabama
                        (205) 978-5599
                        When she was an undergrad at 'Bama, Sheri Candler used to hitchhike to Birmingham to see all the hip bands that came to town. Before (and during) her Senior year, she spent a couple of months as a roadie, setting up speakers and running cables for a young band on their first tour of the U.S. She won't say who, but often she can be found grumbling about how some of these Grammy winners don't remember where they came from. These days, she can be found tending bar at the Iron Horse Cafe in Birmingham, where she spends her nights talking to regulars about bands and her days networking with people she met in her time as a roadie, tapping the potential of a broad network of fellow bartenders/promoters, and making sure her bar gets the hottest act in town.

                        The real Sheri Candler (@shericandler) is an essential member of the film community. You should follow her. Seriously. Do it now.
                        • Zahra
                          53 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach, California  |  (310) 379-5550
                          [MAP IMAGE]
                          Lat/Lng: 33.862321 , -118.400944


                          53 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach, California
                          (310) 379-5550
                          In 2004, Zahra auditioned for one of the seasons of Survivor. She made the cut and the producers flew her to LA on October 12th to go through the process of being on the show. Only, she never showed up. Weeks passed, and no word. They started to get worried. After a couple of days, the car they sent to pick her up at LAX was found abandoned on Hermosa Beach. But where was Zahra? Finally, on November 1st, they got a call. It was Zahra. There was lots of screaming in the background. Turns out she had paid the driver $100 to drive her to a Red Sox bar in time for Game 1 of the ALCS. He took her to Fat Face Fenner's Fish Shack on Hermosa Beach. They hadn't left the premises since. Neither had 50 or so transplanted Sox fan. Actually, this was the first time she'd been sober enough to make a phone call. She never was on Survivor, but she has no regrets. Now, every year she spends the month of October there, watching the playoffs with those same rabid fans.

                          The real Zahra (@fnafilms) is a filmmaker from the UK, who just happens to be a rabid Boston sports fan. She is currently producing the film PISSHEADS

                          • Kent Beeson
                            13000 Hwy 244 #81, Keystone, SD  |  (605) 574-2523
                            [MAP IMAGE]
                            Lat/Lng: 43.878956 , -103.4594

                            Kent Beeson

                            13000 Hwy 244 #81, Keystone, SD
                            (605) 574-2523
                            Years ago, Kent Beeson did what all cinephiles do at some point: he got on a Hitchcock kick. At the same time, he was struggling with his own writing and somehow got the idea in his head that he needed some inspiration, some real honest-to-goodness in-person inspiration. So, he maxed out his credit cards on a RV, loaded the wife and 3(!) kids on-board, and headed for Mount Rushmore, where he was sure to find his muse. It was a high-risk move, for sure, but muses often ask you to do dangerous things. Sure enough, the muse struck. Kent wrote an epic script about Presidents of history who come to life and go on a killing spree at Fox News. It was a great script. You can find it on the annual Black List. But, as usual, Hollywood was scared of greatness. Every studio passed. But Kent presses on. The next script in his President Trilogy should be done sometime next year.

                            The real Kent M. Beeson (@kza) is one of the original Muriel Award voters, which all by itself makes him awesome.
                            • Todd Terwilliger
                              10236 Charing Cross Road, Los Angeles, CA  |  (310) 273-6774
                              [MAP IMAGE]
                              Lat/Lng: 34.076594 , -118.429708

                              Todd Terwilliger

                              10236 Charing Cross Road, Los Angeles, CA
                              (310) 273-6774
                              Not many people know this, but there was a point in the late 90's when the Playboy Mansion was really in trouble. Plagued by sexual harassment charges and rumors of all sorts of atrocities traceable back to a certain legendary actor, Hef was actually having trouble getting women to get photographed. It was all very hush-hush and Hef struggled mightily to right the ship himself, but eventually he relented and called in Todd. Yes Todd, the basis for the Dos Equis Man and general antithesis of Jon Voight's character in MIDNIGHT COWBOY, was brought in to be a chick magnet. Almost instantly, the problem was solved. Women flocked to the Mansion to be at his side. But, true to his nature, he never took any credit for saving Playboy. He did, however, take lots and lots of photos.

                              The real Todd Terwilliger (@CriticalTodd) is a screenwriter who lives in Brooklyn. Don't tell his girlfriend Mimi about his Bizarro history.
                              • Paul Clark
                                Washington D.C., DC  |  (202) 575-2210
                                [MAP IMAGE]
                                Lat/Lng: 38.855179 , -76.998394

                                Paul Clark

                                Washington D.C., DC
                                (202) 575-2210
                                After he stepped down as the active head of the Muriel Awards--the premiere film award named after a guinea pig--Paul decided to pursue his other passion and moved to Washington, D.C., where he volunteers at the Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue ( It went well for a bit. He did a lot of good. But he found his mind wandering as he put in long hours at the office, surrounded by all the adorable guinea pigs in need of adoption. He missed the bright lights of the cinema. And so, once again he combined his passion. The result: MURIEL, Paul's upcoming guinea pig epic starring none other than Muriel herself as a Private Eye who stumbles across a vast conspiracy. Think WILLARD meets CHINATOWN. If the early buzz is to be believed, Muriel may just snag one of her namesake awards.

                                The real Paul Clark (@opalfilms) lives in Columbus. He did indeed co-create the Muriel Awards, which gets bigger by the year.

                                • David Branin
                                  1825 3 Kings Dr, Park City, Utah  |  (435) 658-3456
                                  [MAP IMAGE]
                                  Lat/Lng: 40.658715 , -111.516724

                                  David Branin

                                  1825 3 Kings Dr, Park City, Utah
                                  (435) 658-3456
                                  David met Robert Redford by accident. Literally. A small fender bender. Apologies all around. Redford feels bad (it was his fault, after all) and offers to buy dinner. Once at dinner, it only takes seconds for Robert Redford to recognize David's passion for independent film. And so, he offers David a job at Sundance. Eventually, he ends up running the festival itself--transforming it from a glitzy, star-driven festival back to it's roots. Variety called it a stunning, long-overdue reinvention. Filmmaker Magazine ran a cover story with the headline The Man Who Saved Sundance From Itself. The content of the festival is stronger than ever. And much to David's surprise, the celebrities still show up, but not for the gift bags and parties. They come for the films.

                                  The real David Branin (@davidbranin), along with his wife Karen Worden (@karenworden), is the host of Film Courage (@filmcourage) on LA Talk Radio. He directed the film NIGHT BEFORE THE WEDDING.

                                  • Nathan Cole
                                    320 East 6th Street, Austin, TX  |  (512) 476-1320
                                    [MAP IMAGE]
                                    Lat/Lng: 30.2673 , -97.739629

                                    Nathan Cole

                                    320 East 6th Street, Austin, TX
                                    (512) 476-1320
                                    Several years ago, on a family vacation in Austin, Nathan stumbled across a bar. It was 11am, but he went in anyway and was overwhelmed by the place. There were micro-brews galore. He instructed the bartender to line them up and proceeded to spend the next couple of days testing every beer they had. It wasn't until a couple of days later that Nathan realized the bar was, in fact, a cinema. Wait, he said to the guy who looked an awful lot like that one actor (Nathan's memory isn't great after 7 or 8 beers), you're telling me they show movies here? He never went home from that family vacation. He spends his evenings going from theater to theater, watching everything, and at night he curls up under a bench. At first, they tried to get him to leave, but now the Alamo Drafthouse views him as something of a mascot. Eventually, they found it was just easier to hire him as the beer expert. Nathan's never been happier.

                                    The real Nathan Cole (@WaterholeMovie) directed the film THE WATERHOLE, which will be screening this year at the Festivus Film Festival in Denver. He might actually drink more than I do, which is saying something.

                                    • Sherry Cummings
                                      6423 Richmond Avenue, Houston, TX  |  (713) 782-7688
                                      [MAP IMAGE]
                                      Lat/Lng: 29.731046 , -95.4994

                                      Sherry Cummings

                                      6423 Richmond Avenue, Houston, TX
                                      (713) 782-7688
                                      Sherry Cummings did the corporate thing for a long time. She had a 9-5 job and a 401k and all the trappings of the American Dream, but she didn't really enjoy it so much. Then, one day while channel surfing, she stumbled across what could only be described as two guys beating the shit out of each other. She was transfixed. For months after that, she set her DVR to record everything she could find even remotely related to this new sport. She started talking her friends into sparring with her, much to the dismay of her boss who feared she might soon be launching her own Project Mayhem. They very nicely offered her a severance package and Sherry hit the road, eventually landing at Tapout Tattooing in Houston, where she found her niche as a tattoo artist. It turned out, she was a hell of an artist. She just didn't know it.

                                      The real Sherry Cosmo Cummings (@cosmosherry) is a public speaker and history buff. She's originally from Cape Cod.
                                      • Rufus de Rham
                                        2450 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest, Washington D.C., DC  |  (202) 939-5600
                                        [MAP IMAGE]
                                        Lat/Lng: 38.914517 , -77.054678

                                        Rufus de Rham

                                        2450 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest, Washington D.C., DC
                                        (202) 939-5600
                                        In 2002, Rufus was standing outside a cinema in Seoul when he struck up a conversation with a Korean man who had spent a great deal of time in the U.S. They spoke for a while, mostly about the States. After the film, the conversation continued over sushi and sake. Once the sake took it's course, Rufus started pontificating on his theory of how cinema can connect cultures. They exchanged business cards, parted, and Rufus thought nothing of it. Then, in 2005, his phone rang. On the other end was his one-time acquaintance Lee Tae-sik, recently named the South Korean Ambassador to the U.S. His question was simple: did Rufus want a job? He spent the next few years expanding on his theory, even working with the North Korean embassy to mend fences. Some have said that Rufus' work was instrumental in diffusing what could have been a messy Korean situation, but he points simply to the power of cinema.

                                        The real Rufus de Rham (@rufusderham) is something of an expert in East Asian film. He studied in Korea, but currently lives in Brooklyn with his massive collection of DVDs. He writes for the blog, among others
                                        • Shannon Black
                                          1271 E 6th St, New York, NY  |  (212) 522-2020
                                          [MAP IMAGE]
                                          Lat/Lng: 40.76037 , -73.98079

                                          Shannon Black

                                          1271 E 6th St, New York, NY
                                          (212) 522-2020
                                          After graduating from NYU, Shannon Black was a little lost as to what to do next. Sure, she had a degree, but she didn't really know what she wanted out of her career. So, she signed up at a temp agency, which promptly placed her at the iconic advertising agency Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce. She started out as a secretary, but soon made an impression on the television department. Some thought she might be the next Peggy Olson, but Shannon had other plans. She saw an opportunity and pounced, selling the partners on an expansion into online media. They gave her a trial and she ran with it. Today, she's on the verge of making it Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Black.

                                          The real Shannon Black (@loreleileigh) lives in the Deep South, but she did go to NYU. She had a film blog, but it seems to be gone now.

                                          EDIT: found it!
                                          • Victoria Westcott
                                            1200 Crandon Boulevard, Key Biscayne, FL  |  (305) 361-8779
                                            [MAP IMAGE]
                                            Lat/Lng: 25.669534 , -80.1561

                                            Victoria Westcott

                                            1200 Crandon Boulevard, Key Biscayne, FL
                                            (305) 361-8779
                                            Victoria Westcott is a teacher, and a damned good one. Sure, she never won Teacher of Year or anything like that, but she had something better--the undying appreciation of her students. Every year for Christmas, an envelope would appear on her desk. It was a simple envelope, unmarked except for her name. Inside there would be a lottery ticket and a note that read, Ms. Westcott, You took a chance on me when no other teacher would. Let me return the favor in a small way. It was a cute gesture, and she didn't think much more of it...until the year the ticket hit. She won $43 Million. And, yet, she still teaches. Just now she does it via video from her private beach in Florida. And, you know, only when she feels like it. Side bonus of her new arrangement: no parent teacher conferences.

                                            The real Victoria Westcott (@VictoriaWestcot) is a teacher and film producer based in British Columbia. She also runs Classroom Canada, which strives to place teachers abroad.

                                            • [MAP IMAGE]
                                              Lat/Lng: 38.679897 , -122.888024

                                              Steve Carlson

                                              300 Via Archimedes, Geyserville, CA 95441
                                              Steve Carlson liked to think of himself as a whiskey man. He started drinking it in High School, and even got himself suspended for absentmindedly singing Willie Nelson's Whiskey River as he walked down the hallway. Well, it wasn't that exactly. It was that the singing got the attention of a teacher, who stopped him, causing Steve to accidentally drop the bottle under his shirt. But that all changed the day he saw the movie SIDEWAYS. He was transfixed, and immediately bought himself a deluxe tour of wine country. He was having a great time, learning a lot, and then the tour stopped at the Francis Ford Coppola Winery. Steve was home. He cashed in his return plane ticket and quite literally pitched a tent across the street. Eventually, he befriended the man himself (how can you miss a guy who lives in a tent across the street?). Francis invited him to stay in the guest house for a couple of days, then a couple of weeks, then a couple of months. Now, Steve spends his days drinking wine and his nights discussing cinema with Francis Ford Coppola. You couldn't pay him enough to move.

                                              The real Steve Carlson (@LCosgrove) is currently in charge of the Muriel Awards. He logs his alcohol consumption on the internet. No, really.

                                              • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                Lat/Lng: 48.909413314222 , -121.01543426514
                                                During the summer of her Junior year of college, a bunch of classmates from Jessica's Modern Literature class decided to spend the summer re-tracing the path of Jack Kerouac's On the Road'. They invited Jessica along, but she had other ideas. She borrowed a backpack, filled it with Moleskin notebooks, bought some essential foodstuffs, accidentally forgot her cellphone, and headed for Desolation Peak in Washington to recreate her favorite Kerouac novel--The Dharma Bums. She spent her mornings in meditation and her afternoons writing poetry. She lost all track of time. It seemed like mere weeks before the frost hit. The snow followed soon after. Jessica never did go back for her Senior year. She didn't see the need.

                                                The real Jessica Fenlon (@drawclose) is a Chicago-based experimental filmmaker and writer who used to live in Pittsburgh. She's made a number of really cool films, including this one:

                                                • Peter Ong Lim
                                                  5841 South Maryland Avenue, Chicago, IL  |  (773) 702-1000
                                                  [MAP IMAGE]
                                                  Lat/Lng: 41.789705 , -87.605394

                                                  Peter Ong Lim

                                                  5841 South Maryland Avenue, Chicago, IL
                                                  (773) 702-1000
                                                  The first thing people ask when people meet Peter is always, how did you meet Steven Spielberg? Well, Peter was in L.A. for a medical conference, having a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant, when he heard someone behind him choking. Without giving it a second thought, he rushed over and dislodged the obstruction using the Heimlich Maneuver. The man choking? You guessed it--Steven Spielberg. They talked for a while and Spielberg mentioned this TV show he was producing. Peter thought little of it until a month later when he got a call. They wanted to know if he'd be interested in being a medical consultant on this new show called E.R. Peter agreed on the provision that he wouldn't have to leave Chicago. They agreed, and the next week George Clooney was following him around, learning how to be a doctor. Can Clooney's transition from the goofy guy on ROSEANNE to the suave leading man he is today be credited to what he learned from Peter? Maybe. It certainly didn't hurt.

                                                  The real Peter Ong Lim (@FilmPOLMD) does cancer research in Seattle and somehow finds the time to also be extremely active in film. He's an adviser for the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.
                                                  • Kim Garland
                                                    PO Box 19091, Portland, OR  |  (503) 635-4243
                                                    [MAP IMAGE]
                                                    Lat/Lng: 45.47 , -122.72

                                                    Kim Garland

                                                    PO Box 19091, Portland, OR
                                                    (503) 635-4243
                                                    The first script Kim Garland sold to Hollywood did ok, resulting in a film that grossed $60M in the opening weekend, but it was the second one that really made her reputation. While it didn't quite match AVATAR's World-Wide gross, it did a couple better come awards time, taking home the Oscars for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay. In her acceptance speech, Kim thanked her friends at #scriptchat, especially the members of the #treefort. Access Hollywood, among others, speculated as to what that meant exactly, but we all knew. With her new-found riches, Kim did the logical thing: she got herself the best damned tree fort money could buy, purchasing the Robert Harvey Oshatz designed Wilkinson Residence. She stays there sometimes, but mostly she loans it out to writers looking to disconnect for a couple of weeks and just focus on their writing. There's no internet and no cell service, but there is one of the best collections of tequila west of the Rockies.

                                                    The real Kim Garland (@KageyNYC) is one of the co-founders of #scriptchat. She lives in Manhattan and has never, ever had a tree fort.

                                                    • Jeanne Veillette Bowerman
                                                      520 16th Street North, Birmingham, AL  |  (205) 328-9696
                                                      [MAP IMAGE]
                                                      Lat/Lng: 33.515673 , -86.813936

                                                      Jeanne Veillette Bowerman

                                                      520 16th Street North, Birmingham, AL
                                                      (205) 328-9696
                                                      The day Jeanne managed to convince Douglas A. Blackmon to let her adapt his book SLAVERY BY ANOTHER NAME into a screenplay, she celebrated the best way she knows how--with lots and lots of tequila. Four margaritas in, her drunken self stumbled over to the DVD rack and grabbed ADAPTATION, convinced it was a perfect pairing. She was inspired. Next thing she knew, she was in Atlanta, staring through binoculars, looking for Blackmon in any of the neighboring buildings (this is what happens when you watch a movie drunk, sometimes you don't remember the order of the story). She couldn't find him. So, she went to Birmingham, thinking that would help...or that she might find some rare flowers or Brian Cox might give her advice in a bar...she wasn't sure. She found her way to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and took the tour. As she walked through the museum, the larger context of her task became more and more clear to her. By the time she came to the end, standing in front of that video of the I Have a Dream Speech, it had clicked. She knew how to attack the project. She sat down, pulled a tiny bottle of tequila out of her purse, and made a toast to progress.

                                                      The real Jeanne Veillette Bowerman (@jeannevb) is one of the co-founders of #scriptchat and the Twitter Pimp Angel. She is indeed adapting SLAVERY BY ANOTHER NAME. She is an unstoppable force.

                                                      • Dan Stiker
                                                        691 Lake Street East, Wayzata, MN  |  (952) 473-8275
                                                        [MAP IMAGE]
                                                        Lat/Lng: 44.969291 , -93.512008

                                                        Dan Stiker

                                                        691 Lake Street East, Wayzata, MN
                                                        (952) 473-8275
                                                        Dan spent years in New York, working 18 hours a day trying to make a dent in the heart of the fashion industry. After a while, it got to him. He burned out. One day, going on an hour of sleep for longer than he could even count, he ceremoniously dropped a lit cigarette into a box of expensive fabric. Then, like a scene in a movie, he walked away as the flames shot up all around him. In his mind, it happened in slow motion, but the security tapes indicated that he sort of ran. The police went looking for him, of course, but he was gone. He resurfaced in Wayzata, Minnesota, of all places, where he works at Blanc de Blanc, an upscale gift and clothing store on the banks of Lake Minnetonka. He lives with his gourmet chef boyfriend in a swanky downtown apartment and doesn't freak out nearly as much as he used to.

                                                        The real Dan Stiker (@stikerd) is a theater director in Pittsburgh who often shows up in my films. He's best known as the creepy stalker in BLANC DE BLANC and L'ATTENTE, where he channels his inner Hemingway.

                                                        • Marcella Selbach
                                                          6925 Hollywood Boulevard, CA  |  (323) 464-6266
                                                          [MAP IMAGE]
                                                          Lat/Lng: 34.10178 , -118.340969

                                                          Marcella Selbach

                                                          6925 Hollywood Boulevard, CA
                                                          (323) 464-6266
                                                          On her first trip to LA, Marcella was going to do all the touristy things, but she never quite got past Grauman's Chinese Theater. She spent hours comparing her hands to the ones in the cement. Then, she went home to Germany. But, a fire had been lit and she returned as soon as possible, this time for good. For a couple of months, she found work dressing as starlets from Hollywood's Golden Age, but soon she fell in love with the burgeoning indie scene and made it her mission to merge it with Hollywood. You can find her at Grauman's every time there's a big Hollywood premiere--she's the one protesting on the edge, holding up a Show Real Films sign and cursing at publicists in German. Lately, she's gotten really motivated, chaining herself to a telephone pole and demanding they screen THE WATERHOLE instead of THE TOURIST. You may have seen her on the news getting arrested a couple of years ago for trying to sneak in a handprint of Mark Duplass that she did at home. She got off easy. The judge really liked THE PUFFY CHAIR.

                                                          The real Marcella Selbach (@movieangel) is a film fanatic living in Germany. She promotes indie film in Germany.

                                                          • Mattson Tomlin
                                                            164 Ocean St # A2, MA  |  (508) 775-0222
                                                            [MAP IMAGE]
                                                            Lat/Lng: 41.64899 , -70.279994

                                                            Mattson Tomlin

                                                            164 Ocean St # A2, MA
                                                            (508) 775-0222
                                                            In high school, Mattson spent large chunks of his summers sailing around Cape Cod. He loved feeling the salty breezes on his face, the warm sun, the occasional spray of the surf. There's a zen calm to being on the ocean that really clears your head, and Mattson found himself escaping the city whenever possible. Every so often, he'd sail past a Kennedy or maybe John Kerry (and once the CEO of BP. You might have heard about that.) and they'd wave. Then one day, he woke up to find a note next to his bed giving him directions to his early birthday present. No one else was home and the door was locked from the inside. It was weird. Still, he followed the note, which led him to a slip on the docks. There he found a small sailboat named Solomon Grundy Studios. On board there was an editing suite that ran off of solar panels. Mattson does all his writing and editing there now. He finds the waves provide a nice rhythm for editing and the fresh air keeps him from getting distracted. He never did find out who gave him the boat. A couple of months later, he thought John Kerry winked at him, but he wasn't sure.

                                                            The real Mattson Tomlin (@wackeychan) is a filmmaker based just outside of NYC. He just wrapped the feature adaptation of his SOLOMON GRUNDY short and will start filming DREAM LOVER in 2011.

                                                            • Rick & Diana Vaicius
                                                              401 4th Street, Annapolis, MD  |  (410) 263-1617
                                                              [MAP IMAGE]
                                                              Lat/Lng: 38.971614 , -76.482359

                                                              Rick & Diana Vaicius

                                                              401 4th Street, Annapolis, MD
                                                              (410) 263-1617
                                                              Running a film festival is a lot of hard work, but there's also a lot of perks. People send you movies that you can watch whenever you want, you get to meet lots of interesting people, and...well...that's probably it. Mostly it's just a lot of work. But sometimes, one of those movies can burrow deep down into your brain, affecting you deeply. And that's exactly what happened to Rick & Diana when they popped in the DVD of Pericles Lewnes' LOOP, a film that can conservatively be called a mind fuck. They couldn't get it out of their heads and while they knew they just had to program it at their Flyway Film Festival, they couldn't wait. They cashed in all of their airline miles and headed for Annapolis. There were too many questions. Neither one of them were sleeping. It was a rough couple of weeks. Once in Annapolis, it took them all of ten seconds to find Pericles Lewnes. He took them to his brother's Steakhouse and over some of the largest steaks you've ever seen, they picked his brain. Two hours later, they still didn't understand it. Now every week, Pericles, Rick, and Diana sit down and talk LOOP. The commuting is brutal--but worth it.

                                                              The real Rick & Diana Vaicius run the Flyway Film Festival (@FlywayFilmFest) in Pepin, Wisconsin. Rick is, among other things, a major Twins fan.

                                                              • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                Lat/Lng: 38.821388 , -105.008989
                                                                In the 90's Dawn was a reporter for WIRT, Duluth's ABC affiliate, when they decided they needed to send someone to Colorado to cover the NRA Convention in Denver. She didn't really want to go, but the higher ups wanted someone from the station on location and she drew the short straw. To make it worse, they made her drive. So, along with her cameraman, she got in the van for the 1,000 mile trek, cursing all the way. They missed the exit for I-80 because of fog and had to drive through Kansas City, which was when the cameraman got fed up and quit, leaving Dawn to cover the story herself. She carried on alone, but when the station called to tell her they'd decided not to do the story after all, she was livid (can you blame her?). She took the next exit, pulled into the driveway of the first junkyard she could find, and sold the van for parts. She kept the camera equipment and started filming the nearby scenery, finally settling at the base of Pikes Peak. You can find her there still, hiking the countryside and documenting the area. Oh, and the station? As far as they know the van was stolen. It was the lead story for 3 months.

                                                                The real Dawn Mikkelson (@emergencegrrl) used to be a reporter, but is now a documentary filmmaker. She runs Emergence Pictures ( and lives in Minnesota.

                                                                • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                  Lat/Lng: 25.779113 , -80.206918

                                                                  Wendy Jo Carlton

                                                                  528 NW 7th Ave, Miami, FL 33136
                                                                  The more you learn about spies, the more you realize that Hollywood has gotten them completely wrong. Sure Bond films and shows like ARCHER have shown spies in one way, but think about it. You'd see that coming a mile away. The best spies are the ones who don't fit the stereotype. They blend. Take, for example, Wendy Jo Carlton. Wendy met a few spies when she lived in Seattle as an artist-in-residence. They were laying low, on the run from something, but they befriended Wendy. After a couple of months, they started teaching her spy stuff--really basic stuff--and found she had a knack for it. Before she knew it, she was traveling around the world doing cool spy stuff. And then, it was over. Someone turned on her. But rather than wallow in it, she turned it into entertainment--anonymously, of course. Now she's the driving force behind BURN NOTICE. The Michael Weston character? Yeah, that's her. She also got Sharon Gless cast, after working with her during her cover career as a filmmaker. And if you think about it, being a filmmaker is perfect cover for a spy.

                                                                  The real Wendy Jo Carlton (@juicyplanet) is a filmmaker. Her award-winning narrative and experimental short films have screened internationally, including the American Film Institute, Sundance, and many other festivals. And, yes, she directed Sharon Gless in HANNAH FREE.


                                                                  • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                    Lat/Lng: 35.138924 , -90.045773
                                                                    As her children started going to school and moving away, Caroline started looking around, wondering what would be the best way to spend the next phase of her life. She dabbled here and there, but one thing was consistent--she appreciated, above all, the finer things in life. Then late one night, she was relaxing with a nice glass of wine, flipping through the channels, when she stumbled across her favorite singer, Michael Bublé, on Saturday Night Live. It'd been a while since she'd watched SNL, so she kept watching. Then, inspiration struck during the Hamm & Bublé sketch. That was it! A Hamm & Bublé restaurant! It was perfect. She had to call in a lot of favors, but finally she got in a room with Jon Hamm and sold him on the idea of franchising. She built her restaurant in Memphis, because if anyone loves ham, it's Memphis. Six months out of the year, you can hear Michael Bublé do his one man show about William Faulkner (called, naturally, The Bublé and the Fury). And just off-stage, making sure he doesn't bolt for the door, is Caroline

                                                                    The real Caroline Shaw (@amomslove) lives just outside of Pittsburgh with her husband Bernie. She is an ardent supporter of the arts and publishes the online magazine

                                                                    • Princeton Holt
                                                                      1000 West Columbus Avenue, Springfield, MA  |  (413) 781-6500
                                                                      [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                      Lat/Lng: 42.093632 , -72.583886

                                                                      Princeton Holt

                                                                      1000 West Columbus Avenue, Springfield, MA
                                                                      (413) 781-6500
                                                                      While you may know him as a filmmaker, Princeton Holt is first and foremost a basketball fan. He grew up on the Showtime Lakers and has been cultivating an obsession with the purple and gold ever since. A couple of years ago, he came up with a goal--to find a way to combine his love of film and his love of Laker basketball. When a friend in LA told him about a job opening in the Laker video department, he jumped at it, doing everything he could think of to get the job. It didn't work. Some asshole assistant of Michael Bay got it instead. But the Lakers were impressed. They passed his resume on and one day Princeton got a call. On the other end was a man with a thick Boston accent talking about his interview in LA. Princeton feared the worst. How could he go to work every day looking at those 17 Championship Banners? His fears were unfounded. It was the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA. They wanted him to head up their video department. He took the job on the spot.

                                                                      The real Princeton Holt (@PrincetonHolt) is a film producer and Lakers fan. He runs One Way or Another Productions ( and produced the feature film UPTOWN, among others.

                                                                      • Rachel Shaw
                                                                        4 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA  |  (415) 241-0205
                                                                        [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                        Lat/Lng: 37.772189 , -122.422799

                                                                        Rachel Shaw

                                                                        4 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA
                                                                        (415) 241-0205
                                                                        It was Rachel's searing performance in GRAVIDA that first brought her to California for a screening in the Now Film Festival. While in LA, she took a little side trip to San Francisco...and never came back. A lot of people were worried. No one that knew her all that well, but a lot of people nonetheless. Eventually, the time came to track her down, so a group of her close friends flew to San Francisco and told the cab driver to take them to a martini bar. Three bars (and 8 martinis each) later, they found her at Martuni's, dressed up and holding court in the middle of the room. She looked as if she'd just come from at night at the opera, but she hadn't. That was just how she dressed to go out drinking. And although she rarely left Martuni's, she'd somehow managed to get herself an agent and roles in four upcoming films. Her friends stuck around for a couple of hours. No one let them pay for a drink. No one even let them tip. And when they got back to the airport, they had somehow been upgraded to First Class.

                                                                        The real Rachel Shaw (@rachelvshaw) is an actress best known for her roles in GRAVIDA and BLANC DE BLANC. She is also a mother of two, which has recently cut into her drinking quite a bit.

                                                                        • Jennifer Blyler
                                                                          102 5th Avenue, New York, NY  |  (212) 807-7400
                                                                          [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                          Lat/Lng: 40.737013 , -73.992999

                                                                          Jennifer Blyler

                                                                          102 5th Avenue, New York, NY
                                                                          (212) 807-7400
                                                                          Several years ago, Jen was in New York City on vacation. She wandered Central Park, hung out in the Village, and took in a film at MOMA, but all that was just killing time until the highlight of her trip--dinner at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill. Once at the restaurant, she ordered a wine pairing, but it was all wrong. Well, it was slightly wrong. Very slightly. She mentioned it, off-hand, not realizing that Bobby Flay himself happened to be standing behind her. Bobby pulled up a chair and they talked about wine for hours. At the end of the night, Jen was the new Mesa Grill Sommelier. Since then, she's become one of Food Network's most trusted voices, several times turning down every opportunity to appear on-camera. But, there isn't a wine pairing on the network that doesn't go through her. The New York Times called her the most influential woman in wine. HBO has been trying to talk her into making a series out of her life, but so far she's resisted.

                                                                          The real Jennifer Blyler is a registered nurse in Pittsburgh. She is an expert in all things alcoholic (except for whiskey) and wrote the story that became BLANC DE BLANC. She has a cat, who is pure evil.
                                                                          • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                            Lat/Lng: 34.746513 , -97.21367

                                                                            Bill Elverman

                                                                            North St, Pauls Valley, OK 73075
                                                                            Back in the early 90's, Bill was eating at a truck stop on I-35 in Oklahoma when he struck up a conversation with one of the locals. The situation, as told to Bill, was that Paul's Valley Historical Society was planning to renovate the Santa Fe Depot in hopes that they could revitalize that part of town. It struck Bill as an interesting project, so he volunteered to help. They assigned him to assist the local welder in building the gate which would later become the Depot Museum. He was hooked. The sparks, the hot metal, it spoke to him. By the end of the project, he was the welder's apprentice. He spent years learning the intricacies of the craft. Now, he runs his own shop. People call him from all around to do their most complicated welding jobs. His specialty is the sort of ornate decoration that some have called a work of art. But his real art is in back of his shop, where he's welding his masterpiece. Few have seen it, but at night you can hear him working on it into the early hours of the morning.

                                                                            The real Bill Elverman (@BillElverman) is an L.A. based actor, writer, and director. He directed the short film THE WINTRESS.

                                                                            • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                              Lat/Lng: 44.505664 , -89.509266

                                                                              Ted Howell

                                                                              5525 Clem's Way, Stevens Point, WI 54482
                                                                              Like most Americans, Ted found himself captivated by curling in the last Olympics. Maybe it was the overhead camera angle, maybe it was the strategy, but he found himself spending hours upon hours in front of the TV, transfixed. For a couple of weeks after that, he would curl in his apartment, using plastic cereal bowls to practice. From there, he found a local curling club and found that not only did he have a knack for it, but that he was a lot better with actual stones on actual ice. After a couple of sessions, he packed his car and headed for the U.S. Curling headquarters in Wisconsin, convinced he had found his calling. Only, he wasn't alone. Seems when you turn something like curling into an Olympic sport, a lot of people get convinced that they could do it. Nearly all of them are terrible, but not Ted. Ted dominated the pickup matches, finally getting the attention of the Curling Association. They gave him one chance, against the actual Olympic team. He destroyed them. Now, he's the captain of the curling squad and is trying to convince Aaron Tainter and Adam Woods to follow him north.

                                                                              The real Ted Howell (@edward3henry) is working on his PhD in English at Temple University, while obsessing over the Phillies and drinking too much beer. Sometimes he dreams of living in Paddy's Pub.
                                                                              • James Jackson
                                                                                495 Paderewski Drive, Buffalo, NY  |  (716) 954-2225
                                                                                [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                                Lat/Lng: 42.88968 , -78.83107

                                                                                James Jackson

                                                                                495 Paderewski Drive, Buffalo, NY
                                                                                (716) 954-2225
                                                                                When James was scouting locations for his BEAUTY IN DECAY photography series, he naturally started looking around for some truly decrepit buildings. He stumbled across the webpage Infiltration (, a zine about going places you're not supposed to go. It was there he discovered the Buffalo Central Terminal which, according to the website, served the New York Central railway, the Penn-Central railway and later Amtrak until being abandoned in 1979. It's a massive structure that to James was like winning the location lottery. A month later, he was back with a bunch of models. And if they hadn't all been hunted down by a crazy hobo who'd been living there for 40 years, James would have taken some amazing photographs.

                                                                                The real James Jackson (@thewordsleft) is a visual artist and photographer based in Philly. Check out his portfolio ( He's also crowdfunding his film THE WORDS LEFT UNSAID.

                                                                                •  total distance: 50,853 miles (81.840 km)


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