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Red Bacteria Vacuum 2011 Tour

a multi-city tour
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Red Bacteria Vacuum are the "Monster Girls' rock band from Tokyo, Japan. Red Bacteria Vacuum toured in support of A Perfect Circle across North America, playing 26 dates. This tour is truly historic in the number of shows and audience size, giving North American audiences to get their first exposure to a Japanese rock band, up close and personal.

Virtually unknown in the West, Red Bacteria Vacuum instantly jumped onto the North American circuit, obviously charming, rocking and winning new fans in every city they traveled to.

Almost all the blog entries here are from Red Bacteria Vacuum Vocalist/Bassist "Kassan." Always hitting the stage like the current audience was the only thing on their minds, if you follow their story, the band and a tiny dedicated crew crammed themselves in a van day after day overcoming mechanical failures, musical equipment setbacks, merchandise supply failure, not to mention traveling through a completely different land and culture.

Yet, night after night, they played their hearts out and literally, stepped off stage only to run out and work their own merchandising table. Always meeting fans, taking pictures making us smile all along the way.

There is so much more to say! But if this is your starting point, is an amazing way to share a tour! Find Red Bacteria Vacuum online. If you have any trouble, feel free to contact me at . Buy their music, listen and as the band would say "ENJOY!"

Red Bacteria Vacuum is on Facebook, Twitter and can be found on the web at

Thanks to Audrey Kimura, who documented so much and shared it while doing a MILLION other things. Also Ric Quintanilla, Peter Schorn, Alexis Simpson, Chris Schwegler and ALL the other writers and Photographers who's work is linked to this page!!

You can also go to my site at and there are links at the bottom to their sites!


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