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The Beine's Great American Adventure

a road trip
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After 3 1/2 years of soaking up the sun and meeting so many amazing people and experiencing the West Coast, we are now headed to the East Coast.

The trip will be a 5 day adventure that we hope will last in our memories forever.

We are starting the journey on New Year's Eve from Burbank and will end 5 days later in Stamford, Connecticut.

In order to steer clear of any major weather issues, we have decided to take I-40 across the Southwest and then stopping midpoint in St. Louis to take a day break. From there we plan on enjoying the scenery in IN, OH, PA and then to our new home in CT.

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  •  Friday, December 31, 2010
  • Burbank, CA  (4:00 pm)
    Lat/Lng: 34.180839 , -118.308966
    • Rancho Cucamonga, CA  (4:30 pm)
      [MAP IMAGE]
      Lat/Lng: 34.105977182873 , -117.58701324463
      A scenic view from 210 of the snow capped mountains. Beautiful.
      • In-N-Out Burger  (6:00 pm)
        2821 Lenwood Road, Barstow, CA  |  (800) 786-1000
        [MAP IMAGE]
        Lat/Lng: 34.849963 , -117.082446

        In-N-Out Burger

        2821 Lenwood Road, Barstow, CA
        (800) 786-1000
        Of course only one thing would satisfy Clayton. In and Out. We stopped at the restaurant in Barstow, walked Chloe and hit the road again. It was a great meal;-)
        • Seligman, AZ, USA  (10:55 pm)
          [MAP IMAGE]
          Lat/Lng: 35.3255608 , -112.8774057
          We never would have guessed that our car would even recognize/register a negative temperature! We went from 55 degrees to -2 in just a 6 hour drive.
          •  Saturday, January 1, 2011
          • Flagstaff, AZ  (9:00 am)
            [MAP IMAGE]
            Lat/Lng: 35.201352 , -111.639249
            We arrived to the hotel about a quarter past midnight last night. Chloe was so happy to be outside and walking. She jumped into a pile of snow and did a really funny paw dance. 5 seconds later she was back out on the concrete. Needless to say she did her business on the concrete rather than the snow. Her first experience in the snow since 2007 went as expected, I suppose.

            This morning we had a bit of a late start. The time change really messed us up but we got back on track and on the road again! When we got started the temperature was -8 degrees, that's cold!
            • Gallup, NM, USA  (11:45 am)
              [MAP IMAGE]
              Lat/Lng: 35.5280783 , -108.7425843
              Here is our first photo of a state line that we have passed in the daylight. Chloe had a chance to catch the view of DT Gallup, just over the New Mexico stateline. This being our 3rd state including California that we have driven through.
              • Albuquerque, NM  (1:00 pm)
                [MAP IMAGE]
                Lat/Lng: 35.084491 , -106.651137
                The entire state of New Mexico was cold, beautiful and boring all at the same time. The endless vivid blue sky was gorgeous. After 5 hours it was a bit repetitive. I don't think the state has many cell towers either because I had barely any reception the entire drive. Albuquerque was the largest city we passed through since we left LA and it was quite beautiful. The city is nestled at the base of the mountains and as we cut through the mountains the scenery became a bit more majestic with houses on and around the mountain where there was more foliage and vegetation.
                • Amarillo, TX  (7:00 pm)
                  [MAP IMAGE]
                  Lat/Lng: 35.221997 , -101.831297
                  Clayton and I were both commenting on how much larger the city of Amarillo was than what we expected. We were super excited to eat at Chick-fil-a and even drove a couple of miles out of the way to get there. When we arrived they were closed and we guessed that they must have closed early due to it being New Year's Day. What a bummer;(. So in the end, we settled for Wendy's.
                  • Oklahoma City, OK  (11:00 pm)
                    [MAP IMAGE]
                    Lat/Lng: 35.46756 , -97.516428
                    Today was a very long day. We ended the day in Oklahoma City after a 13 hour drive plus the time change into the central time zone a we entered Texas. We unfortunately didn't get any photos of Oklahoma City because it was so late when we arrived.

                    Take a look at the photo and you will see what the entire state of Oklahoma looks like through your windshield.
                    •  Sunday, January 2, 2011
                    • Tulsa, OK  (10:40 am)
                      [MAP IMAGE]
                      Lat/Lng: 36.153982 , -95.992775
                      You gotta live the strange things you see on road trips. Check out the photo of a gihantic bottle depicting a drink called Liquid Life!
                      • Joplin, MO  (12:00 pm)
                        [MAP IMAGE]
                        Lat/Lng: 37.084227 , -94.513281
                        • St Louis, MO  (5:00 pm)
                          [MAP IMAGE]
                          Lat/Lng: 38.646991 , -90.224967
                          We decided to use a day of rest in STL and to spend a little time with Clayton's parents, Beanie and Mama G. Chloe was glad to have a day to run around the yard and use up some of the energy from sitting in the car all day. On Sunday night Erika, Zach and Gavin showed up to have pizza and cake and we all celebrated the January and February birthdays. It was a great time and we all enjoyed the company!

                          Unfortunately on Monday night I came down with the flu so that put me out of commission for the evening. Luckily on Tuesday morning in time for our departure, I was feeling much better and we took to the road again....

                          Thanks to Mama G and Beanie for hosting us!
                          •  Tuesday, January 4, 2011
                          • Effingham, IL  (9:00 am)
                            [MAP IMAGE]
                            Lat/Lng: 39.120042 , -88.543383
                            We finally hit the 2000 mile mark! I also included the photo of this HUGE cross that I saw off of interstate 70 heading east bound to Indianapolis.
                            • Indianapolis, IN  (1:00 pm)
                              [MAP IMAGE]
                              Lat/Lng: 39.768376 , -86.158042
                              We passed through DT Indianapolis and along one of the highway exits we saw these odd colorful concrete blocks sitting on the side of an off ramp. Weird but cute colors!
                              • Columbus, OH  (4:00 pm)
                                [MAP IMAGE]
                                Lat/Lng: 39.961176 , -82.998794
                                I had to take a photo of this sign, need I say more?
                                •  Wednesday, January 5, 2011
                                • DuBois, PA 15801  (7:00 am)
                                  [MAP IMAGE]
                                  Lat/Lng: 41.120278 , -78.761944
                                  On the way into PA it was pretty dark and quite hilly due to the Allegheny mountains. I was able to sneak a quick photo of the 'welcome sign'.

                                  On the road by 7:30 am, we had the fortune of catching some really great views of the sunrise along I-80. Pennsylvania turned out to be quite a beautiful state with rolling hills, snow covered mountains and scenic views of farms and small towns.
                                  • Long Pond, PA  (10:30 am)
                                    [MAP IMAGE]
                                    Lat/Lng: 41.053422 , -75.462964
                                    We had to get a photo at one of the rest areas of the car we took just for memory sake (that was for you, Elaine:)
                                    • Stamford, CT, USA  (1:00 pm)
                                      [MAP IMAGE]
                                      Lat/Lng: 41.0534302 , -73.5387341
                                      Thank GOD! We made it safe and sound! At about 1:00 pm EST we arrived to the apartment complex in Stamford. We then proceeded to check into our apt, drop off the dog in the apt, unload the car and go shopping.

                                      When we returned I set up our internet (self install package) and then we made dinner. Because we have no furniture yet, we ate on the floor watching a show of Modern Family on As boring and possibly depressing as that may sound, we were SO HAPPY to be eating a home cooked meal and watching one of our regular shows.

                                      Thank you to all of you for following along this journey with us! For those of you we left behind on the West Coast we will miss you dearly but always remember, we can always skype!! :)
                                      •  total distance: 2,581 miles (4.154 km)



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