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The Life Of Whitey Bulger

a current event
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Fugitive Boston gangster James "Whitey" Bulger, wanted for 19 murders, was captured on Wednesday, June 22, 2011 in Santa Monica, California. Bulger's capture was the result of a tip from FBI television spots that began airing this week. His capture ended a 16-year manhunt that spanned the globe. This map chronicles his life.

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  •  Tuesday, September 3, 1929
  • James Joseph ''Whitey'' Bulger Jr., was born in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, MA on September 3, 1929. His parents James Joseph Bulger, Sr. and Jean McCarthy had emigrated from Ireland in the early 1900s.
    •  Wednesday, June 1, 1938
    • Bulger, Sr., worked as a standard laborer and occasional longshoreman. After he lost his arm in an industrial accident, the family descended into abject poverty. The Bulgers moved into a South Boston public housing project in 1938, where their children were raised.

      Jimmy was first arrested in 1943, aged 14, for larceny and would go on to be arrested for assault, battery and armed robbery. At that time, he was associated with a juvenile street gang known as the Shamrocks. Between 1943 and 1947, Bulger was arrested for larceny, forgery, assault and battery, and armed robbery. For all these crimes, he was sent to a juvenile reformatory from 1943 until 1948.
      •  Saturday, May 1, 1948
      • Smoky Hill Air Force Base, Salina, KS
        3237 Arnold Avenue, Salina, KS  |  (785) 827-3914
        [MAP IMAGE]
        Lat/Lng: 38.778705 , -97.639532

        Smoky Hill Air Force Base, Salina, KS

        3237 Arnold Avenue, Salina, KS
        (785) 827-3914
        Shortly after release from the juvenile reformatory in April 1948, Bulger joined the Air Force. After completing basic training, he was stationed at the Smoky Hill Air Force Base in Salina, Kansas, and later in Idaho.
        • Mountain Home Air Force Base, ID
          Mountain Home AFB, ID  |  (208) 828-2111
          [MAP IMAGE]
          Lat/Lng: 43.044413 , -115.861978

          Mountain Home Air Force Base, ID

          Mountain Home AFB, ID
          (208) 828-2111
          Bulger spent time in the stockade for a number of assaults. In 1950, he was arrested for going absent without leave. On August 16, 1952, he received an honorable discharge and returned to Massachusetts.
          •  Saturday, August 16, 1952
          • Upon returning to Boston, Bulger soon resumed his criminal activities. In 1952, he was involved in the hijacking of a liquor truck. By 1955, he had joined a crew that robbed a string of banks in Rhode Island and Indiana. In January 1956, a federal warrant was issued for his arrest. Bulger then went on the run, was arrested in March 1956 and was sentenced to 25 years in prison in June of that year.
            •  Friday, June 1, 1956
            • United States Penitentiary, Atlanta, GA
              601 McDonough Boulevard Southeast, Atlanta, GA  |  (404) 635-5100
              [MAP IMAGE]
              Lat/Lng: 33.711463 , -84.371153

              United States Penitentiary, Atlanta, GA

              601 McDonough Boulevard Southeast, Atlanta, GA
              (404) 635-5100
              Bulger was first in federal custody at Atlanta Penitentiary (1956–59) for armed robbery and hijacking. There, according to Kevin Weeks, he was involved in the MK-ULTRA program, the goal of which was to research mind-control drugs for the Central Intelligence Agency, headed by CIA chemist Sidney Gottlieb:

              For eighteen months, Bulger and eighteen other inmates who had volunteered to lessen their sentences were given LSD and other drugs. As a result of the experiments, Bulger is said to have suffered from frequent insomnia and nightmares.
              •  Monday, November 2, 1959
              • [MAP IMAGE]
                Lat/Lng: 37.8266636 , -122.4230122
                Bulger was then transferred from Atlanta to Alcatraz Island, arriving on November 2, 1959, as prisoner #AZ1428. He became a close friend of fellow inmate Clarence Carnes, alias The Choctaw Kid.
                •  Thursday, November 1, 1962
                • Leavenworth Prison, KS
                  1300 Metropolitan Avenue, Leavenworth, KS  |  (913) 682-8700
                  [MAP IMAGE]
                  Lat/Lng: 39.33037 , -94.93627

                  Leavenworth Prison, KS

                  1300 Metropolitan Avenue, Leavenworth, KS
                  (913) 682-8700
                  In November 1962, Bulger was transferred to Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary (1962–63)
                  •  Saturday, June 1, 1963
                  • Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary, PA
                    2400 Robert F Miller Drive, Lewisburg, PA  |  (570) 523-1251
                    [MAP IMAGE]
                    Lat/Lng: 40.987606 , -76.914909

                    Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary, PA

                    2400 Robert F Miller Drive, Lewisburg, PA
                    (570) 523-1251
                    Bulger was transferred to Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary in 1963. He was released in 1965 after serving nine years in prison.
                    •  Tuesday, June 1, 1965
                    • After his release, Bulger worked as a janitor prior to becoming an enforcer for Donald Killeen, the boss of the dominant crime family in South Boston. After Killeen was gunned down in 1972, Bulger was consolidated into the Winter Hill Gang, where he quickly rose through the ranks.

                      By 1979, Whitey Bulger had become a preeminent figure in Boston's organized crime scene. That year, Howie Winter was sent to prison for fixing horse races, and Bulger assumed the gang's leadership. Over the next 16 years, he came to control a significant portion of Boston's drug dealing, bookmaking, and loan sharking operations.

                      At the same time, unbeknownst to even his closest associates, Bulger was an FBI informant. Taking advantage of his brother William's stature in the State Senate and childhood friendships that linked him to members of the police force, Bulger helped bring down Boston's Italian-American Patriarca crime family while simultaneously building a more powerful and arguably more violent crime network of his own.

                      •  Tuesday, December 20, 1994
                      • In the spring of 1994, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Massachusetts State Police, and the Boston Police Department launched an investigation into Bulger's gambling operations. Bulger and his associate, Stephen Flemmi, were scheduled to be indicted in early 1995. Bulger, however, managed to slip through the authorities' grasp. According to federal sources, Bulger's FBI handler, longtime friend Special Agent John Connelly, tipped Bulger off to the pending indictment, allowing Bulger to flee with his common law wife, Theresa Stanley, before he was arrested.
                        •  Sunday, December 25, 1994
                        • [MAP IMAGE]
                          Lat/Lng: 40.866487 , -73.035662
                          After fleeing Boston, Bulger and Stanley initially spent four days over Christmas in Selden, New York.
                          •  Sunday, January 1, 1995
                          • Bulger and Stanley spent New Year's Day in a hotel in New Orleans' French Quarter. On January 5, 1995, Bulger prepared to return to Boston, believing that his worry of imminent indictment had been a false alarm. That night, however, Stephen Flemmi was arrested outside a Boston restaurant by the DEA causing Bulger to alter his plans.
                            • [MAP IMAGE]
                              Lat/Lng: 27.965853 , -82.800103
                              Bulger and Stanley then spent the next three weeks traveling between New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco before Stanley decided that she wanted to return to her children. They then traveled to Clearwater, Florida, where Bulger retrieved his ''Tom Baxter'' identification from a safe deposit box.
                              • [MAP IMAGE]
                                Lat/Lng: 42.358431 , -71.059773
                                Bulger then drove to Boston and dropped off Theresa Stanley in a parking lot. He then met with long-time associate Kevin Weeks, who had brought with him one of Bulger's favorite mistresses, Catherine Greig. Bulger and Greig then went on the run together.
                                • [MAP IMAGE]
                                  Lat/Lng: 41.878114 , -87.629798
                                  In his memoirs, Weeks vividly describes a clandestine meeting with Bulger and Greig in Chicago, Illinois. Bulger reminisced fondly about his time hiding out with a family in Louisiana. He told Weeks, who had replaced him as head of the Winter Hill Gang, ''If anything comes down, put it on me.'' As they adjourned to a nearby Japanese restaurant, Bulger finally revealed how exhausted he was with life on the run. He told Weeks, ''Every day out there is another day I beat them. Every good meal is a meal they can't take away from me.''
                                  •  Wednesday, November 15, 1995
                                  • NY Public Library, New York, NY
                                    455 5th Ave, New York  |  (212) 930-0800
                                    [MAP IMAGE]
                                    Lat/Lng: 40.752272 , -73.981932

                                    NY Public Library, New York, NY

                                    455 5th Ave, New York
                                    (212) 930-0800
                                    In mid-November 1995, Weeks and Bulger met for the last time, at the lion statues at the front of the New York Public Library, and adjourned for dinner at a nearby restaurant. On November 17, 1999, Weeks was arrested by a combined force of the DEA and the Massachusetts State Police.
                                    •  Saturday, June 1, 2002
                                    • [MAP IMAGE]
                                      Lat/Lng: 51.500152 , -0.126236
                                      The last confirmed sighting of Bulger before his capture was in London in 2002. However, there were unconfirmed sightings elsewhere. FBI agents were sent to Uruguay to investigate a lead. FBI agents were also sent to stake out the 60th memorial of the Battle of Normandy celebrations, as Bulger is an enthusiastic fan of military history.
                                      •  Wednesday, June 22, 2011
                                      • On June 22, 2011, Whitey Bulger and Catherine Greig were captured in Santa Monica, California by Federal authorities. Their hideout was the Princess Eugenie Apartments
                                        located at 1012 3rd St, Santa Monica, CA.

                                        A reward of US$2 million had been offered for information leading to his capture. Bulger had been featured on the television show America's Most Wanted 16 times, first in 1995 and last on October 2, 2010. According to the authorities, the arrests were a direct result of the media campaign launched by the FBI in 14 markets across the country where the couple reportedly had ties. The campaign focused on Greig, describing her as an animal lover who frequently goes to beauty salons.
                                        •  total distance: 23,968 miles (38.573 km)


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