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7 month trough Europe and Turkey on a budget of 100 Euro per month!

a dream trip
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    Lat/Lng: 51.614359 , 7.640596
    So here is the place where I am at the moment and from where I will start my journey between the 6th and 10th of january. I guess our way will go directly to the south to get out of the german winter ....last year I escaped to brasil, let's see where it takes me this time. Altough I'm crazily looking forward to start travelling without pressure of time for the first time, it feels awesome to think about the day I will come back to this place....It's funny to wonder about the experiences I will have made and of course I'll be very happy to see all the people, especially my family again!
    Well, it's always sad to say goodbye but it's always worth - The world is too big to stay at the same place all life!
    • Seppel's dad dropped us off at a good point to start hitch-hiking at about ten o'clock in the morning it seemed to become a long day.
      There was nearly noone and also on the motorway the traffic was very low. It started to rain and we had to wait some time untill this place finally became busy. After about one hour we got the first hike to the motorway which would lead us to switzerland.
      At a gas station where we got out of the car we were lucky and the second guy we asked already gave us a lift. A real Hippi who never drove faster than 90 km/h but at least we didn't have to wait again.
      The next four hours we spend on listening to all kinds of theories about life and the universe when the next stop finally came in sight.
      In the end of our shared ride he even presented us with a compass and asked if we could need some money. Of course we said no, but he insisted that we take 20 euro for our trip.
      After a little break we went on with another guy who would take us to Zurich.
      We really got along very well, exchanged e-mail addresses and he even drove us to the house of our couchsurfing host.
      All in all I can say that if we had gone there by an own car we would have spared about 2 hours. For this we would have payed about 90 euros for gasoline (now we got plus 20) and never met these three completly different types of people. huntsmen--->hippi---->DJ

      In Zurich we stayed from the 8th to the 12th at a couchsurfer's place. Umer and his flatmates made us feel like at home and we had a good time with them.
      Thank's a lot for your hospitality!
      • [MAP IMAGE]
        Lat/Lng: 47.213973 , 7.784733
        In Langenthal we met a couple whose acquaintance we made on a past trip a few month ago...we spontaneously took my inflatable canoe and spent 4 days paddleing along a river called Lippe. On the way we met those campers and had a great evening with them. Now we decided to visit them in switzerland :-)
        • [MAP IMAGE]
          Lat/Lng: 47.016667 , 8.483333
          You can read about our camping trip into the snow here:

          • [MAP IMAGE]
            Lat/Lng: 47.213973 , 7.784733
            After the exhausting camping trip we stayed a few more days at our friends house in Langenthal. Very nice days- thanks to Ramona who cooked us looots of coffe and also to Manu ^^ yesyes we had a nice time in Langenthal! :D
            • [MAP IMAGE]
              Lat/Lng: 47.557421 , 7.592573
              Basel is an amazing city and we stayed at a very cool flat share comunity. We had a great time and because they know somebody at the cash of the cinema even could watch a movie for free ^^
              Hope to visit them again one day! :)
              • [MAP IMAGE]
                Lat/Lng: 47.750839 , 7.335888
                hitch-hiking in france seems to be difficult....we left basel at about 2 p.m. and only got to a place next to Mulhouse. There we had to camp next to a motorway in very bad waether x)....
                • [MAP IMAGE]
                  Lat/Lng: 47.237829 , 6.024054
                  Another day on the road passed by and we couldn't get that far again. People dropped us off at strange places like a motorway junction for example and the weather continued to be bad. Luckily we got away from that empty motorway junction pretty fast and later got another hike with a marocan guy and his girlfriend.
                  Their english was as bad as my french but we got along very well anyway. On our way we told him that after we stayed at lot's of places in france, spain and maybe portugal we are also going to visit morocco. He gave us the adress of his family in marocco and told us that we can stay there if we like.
                  In the end of our shared ride he invited us to Mc Donalds and really made us looking forward to explore more of marocan hospitaily.

                  Enough luck for a day...after we said goodbye we couldn't get away anymore and had to camp in the rain again. Our tent is not that waterproofed and our sleeping bags got wet...luckily the water did not come into the inside but anyway they do not isolate very good if they're wet.
                  • [MAP IMAGE]
                    Lat/Lng: 45.764043 , 4.835659
                    The next day we hitch-hiked on and finally dropped out about 10 kilometres from Lyon.
                    Me: Bonjour. Vous allez à Lyon?
                    Truck driver: No...I don't go to Lyon. I will go to Barcelona!
                    Me: Barcelona?! Can you take us to Barcelona??
                    Truck driver: Hm, normally I don't take strangers with me...

                    I thought about cold and rainy france and that I actually was pissed off about the weather a bit and that it's not so much fun to stand in the rain and noone stops. I thought that we should come back to france when the weather is nicer to try again then.

                    Me: Come on :D you can see our passports, we are from germany and just travelling around.
                    Truck driver: Oh, you're lucky that you're from germany. You can go with me to barcelona then.

                    I don't know why he likes german people but I didn't care and was happy that we had a ride to such a great city.
                    • [MAP IMAGE]
                      Lat/Lng: 41.387917 , 2.169919
                      On the 25th of January 2012 we arrived in Barcelona. Also I've already been in Barcelona a few times it was an amazing impression. The woman who drove us from the place where the trucker brought us into the city, let us out in a quite rich part of Barcelona. Everything looked amazing, the sky was blue palm trees everywhere and it was too warm to wear a jacket. We tried to find an internet cafe to contact some couchsurfers because we did not have a place to stay yet. After this we walked around the city and took some photos and relaxed a bit in a park. Later on this day we went back to an internet cafe to check out if a couchsurfer wrote back and luckily we could stay at a place this night. We were quite exhausted because we didn't sleep the night before and walked around the city all day but anyway we went into a bar to watch the match Barcelona vs. Madrid.
                      Unfortunatly we couldn't sleep a lot again because we had to leave the couchsurfers flat at about 8 o 'clock in the morning. Soo during the day we repeated what we did the last day...contacted couchsurfers, walked around and relaxed.
                      I have to say that it was a bit hard to walk around all day with our backbacks but for this we are very happy now that we have found a couchsurfer where we can stay and reorganize ourselves again...
                      • [MAP IMAGE]
                        Lat/Lng: 41.200558 , 1.568441
                        After good and bad experiences in Barcelona we finally left the city on the 1.2.2012. We had a host in Gandia which is about 450 kilometres to the south. Well, on that day we only made 60 because hitch-hiking seems to be as dificult as in france. The people here do not stop like in germany or switzerland and it is ways harder to get away....
                        Anyway in the evening we went down to the beach of a small and during the winter quite empty city called Calafell and looked for a place to sleep.
                        There were lot's of hotels with a really nice sea view but fortunatly they seem to be closed during the winter. So we climbed over a fence of one of them and prepared a place to sleep under the roof of the terrace. Luckily, because it was raining all night...
                        In the morning I woke up and noticed a voice which was coming from the inside of the flat. Carefully I had a look through the roller blind of the terrace window and saw that the lights were on, so I nudged Sebastians feeds and as he woked up pointed to the window and whispered that somebody is inside the flat. He was still kind of groggy but understood pretty fast so we quietly packed our stuff and climbed over the fence again...
                        • [MAP IMAGE]
                          Lat/Lng: 41.067056 , 1.056419
                          Hitch-hiking didn´t work very well again and on top of that we got out somewhere in nowhere. It was kind of depressing and it was getting cold. We where walking a bit abroad to get to the motorway again because we hoped that we will fastly find a gas station to ask people for a ride.
                          It was a strange rural area but there were some semi-derelict houses which seemed to be emtpy. We were thinking about sleeping there if we really couldn't get away again but as we walked deeper into the copse we arrived at another ruin and went in there to have a look.
                          In this house there were some old blankets and other waste but in one corner we discovered that there were lot's of bones and also skulls lying on the floor. We thought that it might be better to leave this place and kept on walking to the motorway. Fortunatly there was a gas station and a restaurant very close so we started to search for a ride to Gandia.
                          • [MAP IMAGE]
                            Lat/Lng: 40.811004 , 0.520997
                            Enough bad luck for one day! After we got a hike to a gas station next to Tortosa the second guy we asked said he will bring us to Valencia. As we got a long very well and had lot's of stories to share he said that he wants to bring us to Gandia and even invited us to a coffee and snack at a service station!
                            Although hitch-hiking is quite difficult in France and Spain we got invited in both countries and as we arrived at our hosts place in Gandia at about 22 o'clock we are very sure now that we will get to morroco without using any train, bus or plane ;)
                            • [MAP IMAGE]
                              Lat/Lng: 38.969022 , -0.185187
                              Staying at José's place was really cool and after two days on the road we spend most of our time on doing nothing ^^... One day we walked to the beach of Gandia and from there we saw high cliffs about 40 kilometres more to the south. Later we found out where exactly those cliffs are and looked for couchsurfers in this area. Soon we found somebody who would host us for the next weekend.
                              After 5 days at Josés place it was time to say goodbye and we moved to another host in Gandia.
                              The flat where we moved to was very different from the flat we've been before. After five days in a quite frugal home we now found ourselves in kind of a five stars suite.
                              We didn't expect this before and it was strange to get into that contrast after walking just a few hundreds metres in the same city.
                              We enjoyed both.
                              The first day our new host went on the top of a mountain with us and we had some awesome views...In the evening we went into a bar all together to watch the soccer match Valencia against Barcelona...bad day for our host but what did he expect? ;-)
                              The flat where we stayed was his second one because at his normal home he was repairing something.
                              On thursday Vicent unexpectedly had to go to Valencia for a few days but for this he said he would drive us to Dénia. We only had a couch for the weekend but we decided to go there and just camp somewhere for a night.
                              • [MAP IMAGE]
                                Lat/Lng: 38.840388 , 0.108609
                                On the 9.2.2012 we arrived in Dénia. We only had a couchsurfer for the weekend so we thought about calling our host and ask him if we could already come today but as the weather was great and we were in the mood to walk and to go to the cliffs which we saw from Gandia we decided to call him not.
                                We went to the beach and strangely we couldn't see the cliffs anymore. We guessed that they have to be behind the next hill....We thought that about 4 times and a few hours later we've finally been in front of an amazing steep coast.
                                As our last host left his second flat again and turned off the fridge a.s.o. he said we could take away the food and also some drinks which he still had. We also went to a supermarket and bought some more stuff before we walked up on those cliffs.
                                When we arrived on the top the sun was already going down and we had to look for a place to sleep.
                                Luckily there was this old tower Torre del Gerro and we thought it would be a lot of fun to set up our camp on top of it. Also a very safe place because you have to climb up a rope to get to the top. When we got up there we pulled up the rope so nobody could ever conquer our tower!
                                The next morning we went to even higher parts of the cliffs, climbed a bit and enjoyed the sun. Later we decided to go to those empty ruins we could see from the tower.
                                To get there we had to pass a valley full of thorn scrubs and also had to get up on the other side again. It took us about 40 minutes untill we arrived at this strange place.
                                I thought those ruins would be very old but when we came closer it more seemed like somebody got bankrupt and just stopped the work.
                                Anyway it was a lot of fun to climb around there and also kind of exciting because as you can see on the pictures in some rooms it seemed like somebody's living there.

                                Later that day we went to the place of our couchsurfing host and as all of them he welcomed us very kindly. He was telling us to feel like at home, offered us to take food and drinks from the fridge as we like, gave us the key for his flat, the password for his notebook and with a beer in our hands we relaxed for the rest of the day.
                                • [MAP IMAGE]
                                  Lat/Lng: 38.267176 , -0.69522
                                  After an awesome time in Dénia which ended with too much coffee we arrived in Elche on the 14.2.2012, Our host José in Gandia told us that here is the biggest Palm tree forest in europe so as I like Palm trees we will have a look at it ;D
                                  Hitch-hiking worked good this time and we arrived at the place of our host very quickly!

                                  We stayed with a couchsurfer for a few days which was really nice and as we had no place after our stay at David's place he arranged another accomodation
                                  at the house of his friends for us.
                                  Our stay there was also very nice and with the help of Gema I could improve my spanish a lot. It was Carneval this weekend so on friday night
                                  we went to Alicante all together to have some fun.
                                  I think on 19.2.2012 we left their place and started hitch-hiking to Granada. Actually we wanted to have a stop in Almeria first to visit Capo del Gata
                                  because some people told us that it's a very nice place to visit but it all happened a bit different...
                                  • [MAP IMAGE]
                                    Lat/Lng: 37.983445 , -1.12989
                                    On the first day we did not even really get out of Elche so we walked to somewhere outside the city to look for a place to sleep. As you can see in the pictures we finally found a really confortable tube where we spent the night. In fact we only slept there because we thought that it's funny but anyway it was okay...
                                    The next day we got a ride to Murcia and the guys dropped us off at a really good point. There were lot's of cars and more than enough space to stop.
                                    After about 2 hours of waiting and at least 1000 cars who just passed we decided to look for a place to sleep. After some time we found a field and we decided to build up our tent on it. It seemed like it was a really good place for camping but after about an hour a dog in a garden not far away noticed that we where there and started to bark. We were already half asleep and not in the mood to switch the place again. We better had because the whole night when one of us just moved a centimeter he started to bark again...
                                    In the next morning we went to the same place where we had been the day before and after about 2000 cars passed by again we decided to leave and just walk
                                    into direction Almeria. We bought stuff to eat and drink for several days because it seemed like we will walk into the nowhere where we'll never get out again. After we walked for about 30 minutes and passed a small village a guy came out of his garden and HE asked US where we want to go....he drove us about 30 kilometres to a gas station on the motorway we had to take. There the first guy we asked was going to Malaga with his campmobile and would also pass the place where we want to go.
                                    When we were around Cabo del Gato the weather in this area was not so nice and we also understood each other very well. So there was no reason to get out there anymore and we decided to drive on with him.
                                    When he was tired of driving we looked for a place to stay and we finally ended up in Almerimar.
                                    • [MAP IMAGE]
                                      Lat/Lng: 36.700898 , -2.789242
                                      While having a few beers in the evening he told us that he makes his money by selling sweets and nuts...somehow he earns enough to go to Spain for 6 weeks
                                      and buy a 50.000 euro campingmobile.
                                      Whatever, later we built up our tent on the beach and in the next morning I decided to go into the city to find an internet cafee to find out if there was
                                      a couchsurfer where we could stay. It took quite a long time untill I found one but fortunatly someone in Granada agreed to my request.
                                      When I came back to our tent Seppel told me that Jaque already had to leave to get to his camping site. Normally it wouldn't be a huge problem but this
                                      time it made our way to Granada for about 400% harder. We could have gone with him to Montril easily...from there it shouldn't be a problem to get to
                                      Granada. But now we where stucked in a small place about 10 kilometres from the next motorway. We were still sitting on the giant and completly empty beach in front of our tent enjoying the sun and also listening to some music when we saw a car on the horizon of the beach. It took about 10 minutes untill it finally arrived and kind of a security guy stopped just in front of us. He told us that we are not allowed to camp here.
                                      I looked to the right and to the left over kilometers of empty sand and okay I'm from Germany, but anyway I was wondering if he also noticed how ridiculous the situation was. We didn't want to stay much longer anyway so I just looked at him and said that we will leave soon. He said ok and disappeared at the horizon....
                                      About one hour later we got up, started to walk and tried to hitch-hike from time to time. After a wile a guy stopped and drove us to the motorway. Just like in Murcia it was not a bad position again...normally, but Spain seems to be a very bad country for hitch-hiking so we waited for about 2 hours again untill we got a ride.
                                      Only 30 or maybe 40 kilometres away we got out next to a city called Adra...
                                      • [MAP IMAGE]
                                        Lat/Lng: 36.748071 , -3.022522
                                        It was really funny to sit there at the entrance of the motorway and see that there was nearly no car entering.
                                        We packed our stuff went on a small hill and slept under the free sky. in the next morning we did not even try to hitch-hike at this place again and directly
                                        went into the city to buy some food and to have a look if there's a road along the coast. There was but before starting our walk we could watch a group of
                                        dolphins which were jummping around pretty close to the beach. After taking a shower on the beach we left Adra and realized soon that we will walk a lot this
                                        day....nearly no traffic and sometimes we walked for more than 40 minutes and not even one car passed by.
                                        It was not so bad as it might sound because on our left there was the see, the weather was great and we only had to wonder if we had enough water untill
                                        we get to the next city.
                                        We had, and after 15 kilometres of walking along the border of Sierra Nevada with full baggage we finally arrived in a small place called La Rábita.
                                        • [MAP IMAGE]
                                          Lat/Lng: 36.748697 , -3.171443
                                          We walked through this one-horse town for a while and a friendly marocan guy who will go to Adra (the place we started walking) by bus showed us the way to
                                          the next supermarket. After we had a rest at the beach we went to the motorway (which now was a highway) to have a last try this day. After about 10 minutes
                                          we got a ride from somebody who will bring us to Montril. So finally we adjusted that we lost our easy ride with the campmobile....
                                          • [MAP IMAGE]
                                            Lat/Lng: 36.744669 , -3.516718
                                            We arrived here when it was already dark so we just looked for a good point to hitch-hike and did not try it very long anymore. We built up our tent
                                            in an orange plantation and tried again in the next morning. After we arrived at a traffic circle next to the highway we got a ride very soon and two
                                            british guys drove us into the central of Granada.
                                            • [MAP IMAGE]
                                              Lat/Lng: 37.176487 , -3.597929
                                              Before we arrived in Granada I had no possibility to call our host but as I had his address we now just went to his house. After asking several people we finally found it....
                                              Five days on the road can change a lot so when we rang his bell another guy opened up and looked at us a bit confused. We told him that we are the couchsurfers from Germany and that we are a bit late because hitch-hiking in spain is kind of hard.
                                              He let us in and called his flatmate, the guy who in fact was our host. After some time he reached him and explained what happened. Meanwhile Silvius wife Petronela came back home and we all got along with each other very well. We had lunch together and when our real host came home and told us that he won't have time for us anymore but that we can ask those two if they can host us it wasn't so bad.^^
                                              The following days we always shared interesting chats, good food and all in all just had a nice time.
                                              On one evening they took us up to the mountain Sacra Monte which was an amazing experience. There are caves which are used as habitations from about 50 hippis who live an uncompareable free life with a wonderfull view over Granada. They invited us to barbecue and soon we felt like beeing a part of this comunity. Late at night and with another story to tell we finally went back to Granada.

                                              We told Silvius and Petro that we want to go to the south coast of Portugal next and that we want to make a stop in Sevilla. At once they told us that they have a friend there and gave us the contact for (as we will know later) another great stop.
                                              • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                Lat/Lng: 37.132089 , -3.53947
                                                We also have to say thank you to our couchsurfing hosts Petro and Silviu that we could visit Monachil. They showed us some picutures and told us that it is an amazing place to visit. So on one day we walked there and after a few hours we arrived in an amazing countryside. First we walked through huge canyons and after a while the path led us to the top and we had an awesome view over the whole landscape.
                                                After resting in the sunset for a while we started our way back to the city and as we were tired of the long walk we tried to hitch-hike when we came to a road. The second car stopped and a kind woman drove us back to the city.
                                                • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                  Lat/Lng: 37.230856 , -3.657415
                                                  Albolote is a very small place next to Granada and we couchsurfed there for more 2 or 3 days. It was a relaxed atmosphere, good board game sessions and nice chats. All in spanish and as the Andalusian acent is hard to understand it was difficult sometimes but in the end we always understood each other. :-)
                                                  • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                    Lat/Lng: 37.38264 , -5.996295
                                                    We planned to arrive in Sevilla on Friday... in the end we arrived on Saturday evening. As I forgot to write down our host's phone number we had no possibility to call him. So we just went to his house and unfortunatly he was already out.
                                                    After waiting for some time we decided to look for a place to sleep and soon we found some grassland on the riverside where we built up our tent.
                                                    The next day at around 12 we went to the couchsurfer's house again and he was at home. I knew already when I talked to him on the hands-free speaking system that we will get along very well. For him it was just funny that we were stucked on the road again and he had no problem that we were two days too late...xD
                                                    The following days we laughed a lot and often chilled out A LOT...
                                                    Pablo showed us a filmset of star wars, the riverside where we took a sunbath and on one night we went out all together to make some party.
                                                    In the end we stayed at his place longer than we planned and for sure I want to visit him again one day!
                                                    • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                      Lat/Lng: 37.257153 , -6.949522
                                                      We got a ride to Huelva and had to walk through the city to get to a good point to hitch-hike on. Suddenly we found ourselves in an area of the city which was really not the best. The streets where dirty several not so friendly looking people asked us if they can drive us somewhere for money and in the end a group of about 8 guys around 16 or 17 years old came towards us and told us to stop. We turned around and looked at them while they were slowly coming closer in a semicircle. They were hesitating somewhat and a guy in a car signalized me to get out of here. I walked in the direction of the guys and looked at them as there was nothing to be afraid of. Then I walked on through the group turned around and said to Sebastian that he should follow me.
                                                      We went away and the group disappeared into narrow streets.
                                                      • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                        Lat/Lng: 37.137634 , -8.534399
                                                        When we arrived in Portimao the sun already disappeared and while we were getting out of the truck who gave us the last ride for this day we had no idea that it's going to be the last ride for the next two weeks.

                                                        We got to the couchsurfing place one day later than we actually planned because we left Sevilla at about four o'clock in the afternoon and couldn't make it on the same day. By the way, as soon as we entered Portugal hitch-hiking worked much better at once! Whatever, we were lucky when the flatmate of our host opened up and let us in. In fact we were very lucky because our host went to his hometown for the weekend and his flatmate wanted to go out 15 minutes later. Of course Diogo who we contacted on Couchsurfing left us a message with the contact of his flatmate but we didn't know because we had no possibility to enter the internet.
                                                        Anyway he came back on sunday and till then we had a great time with Nuno (the flatmate) and lot's of their friends. Diogo joint us on Sunday and the following 2 weeks we had an awesome time going to the beach exploring Portimao and small hidden beaches a few hours to walk and in the evening we nearly always had dinner with lot's of their friends. It's a very nice part of the portuguese culture that they all meet up everyday, sometimes just to have a coffee together and that's it.
                                                        In the night they were usually up to go to Praia da Rocha or other places for partying, We joint most of the times but everyday was not neccesarry XD...I also like to sleep! :D
                                                        During our stay with these great people two other couchsurfer's came to the place twice but when we told Diogo that we can also leave and that we are already at his place a long time he said No problem! You can stay longer if you like. So we stayed...and stayed.
                                                        After this great 2-weeks stay we could finally pick ourselves up and went to another couchsurfer in Albufeira. Of course it was sad to leave this place but I was sure that it won't take too long untill I can meet all of them again.
                                                        • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                          Lat/Lng: 37.088991 , -8.252283
                                                          A bit tired from the last night in Portimao we went to a gas station to the end of the city. I asked some people to give us a ride but they were all going in the other direction or at least that's what they told me xD. After some time I asked a women who was driving together with her husband in a big car with about 10 first impression was that she's afraid and don't like to take people in her car. She just told me fastly that she doesn't go to Albufeira and got into her car. Sebastian said something to me like wow she's the last person who would ever give us a ride. I agreed and we wanted to go to the street again to try it with our Albufeira sign.
                                                          When we came to the road exactly those two quit the gas station and stopped. The woman told us kindly that they are going to a city just 5 kilometres from the place we want to go and asked if it's ok for us. It was a really nice ride with funny conversations and a very good example that you shouldn't try to judge somebody because of a first impression.
                                                          As it was only five kilometres to go we decided to walk to Albufeira from the point they dropped us off. In the town we found out that it's five kilometres more to the hotel where our couchsurfing host is working. Finally we entered the big four stars Hotel and went to the reception desk. As our host John is working there I just asked the guy if he knows him. Suddenly he was kind of excited and asked us if we are the couchsurfers?! We told him we are and he took the phone and called all around the hoteland asked if Mr. John is aviable. After about five calls he said we can sit down in the lobby and Mr. John will arrive soon.
                                                          Kind of confused we were waiting for a few minutes and then he arrived and led us to his house. On the way I just asked him what his work is and what a surprise he's the manager xD.
                                                          We stayed nine days and as the weather was not so well we didn't do a lot. John was mostly working but in the evening we chat, had a beer or glas of wine and once I went for a walk with him. It was the perfect place to come down a bit while joking around a lot and go for a walk from time to time.

                                                          On one day I wanted to check out the possibility to go to Marocco by plane and had a look for cheap flights. I found out that there're cheap flights to nearly anywhere except Marocco. There was one very cheap flight to Curaçao in the Caribean Sea so I asked Sebastian if he wants to go there and he said that it's a good idea. Then it was like: Buy it! Buy it! Buy it! and in the end he gave me his credit card to buy him the flight to Curaçao.
                                                          A few days later I bought a Ryanair flight to Italy from where I will maybe go to Greece, Croatia or Turkey. I still don't know.
                                                          • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                            Lat/Lng: 37.137634 , -8.534399
                                                            On the last day in Albufeira we met one of the girls from Portimao and decided to call Diogo if we can stay at his place for 2 or 3 more days because we forgot to arrange another couchsurfer and Sebastian will go to Faro airport on the 3th of April. Like everything it was of course, no problem for him and together with Ana we drove back to Portimao!
                                                            It was very nice to come back to this place so fast and just like before there were lot's of people again. :-)
                                                            On the third of April Sebastian finally had his flight back to Germany were he will stay for two weeks before he'll go to Curaçao. Three month of travelling together were coming to an end and yes it was very cool :D but I am also looking forward to the changing which travelling alone will bring for sure.
                                                            • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                              Lat/Lng: 38.706932 , -9.135632
                                                              I arrived in Lisbon and the first thing I had to do was finding a place to enter the internet. Soon I found a big store with several shops and restaurants. In one of the shops you could just use the mac books for free so full of hope I entered see that my host didn't send me a message with his address. I didn't contact anybody else which surely was a mistake so now I had to find a couch last minute. Finding a couch last minute is not so easy especially not when there are holidays in a bigger city. I sent lot's of request and also some open requests (message every couchsurfer can read in one city) to nearby citys,
                                                              Then I started sightseeing a bit...the bad thing was that I had to walk around with my backpack all day because in the hotels of Lisbon they don't do you the favour to keep your backpack for a few need to be a guest blahblah.
                                                              In the evening I came back to the apple store to have a look if I got an answer. Unfortunatly only a few declines - so no couch for today. What should I do? Sleeping outside in a big city is not really safe and I didn't want to pay for a hostel.
                                                              In big cities for me there are two opportunities: You enter a hotel pretend to be a guest, go to the last floor and sleep there, or you drive to the end of the metro line which goes out of the city as far as possible and look for a place to camp. This time I decided to camp so I got into the metro and about 40 minutes later I found myself beside a field with high grass and some bushes. Perfect place to camp^^ ....and I was lucky it was not raining so much that night.
                                                              The next day I went to the apple shop again and saw that I still had no message ....a few we are full messages but for now no couch. The rest of the day was exactly like the day before so in the evening I went to my camping site again. The night was not exactly like the one before because it was heavily raining and once I woke up and even had to hold the tent poles because it was also very windy. After 10 minutes the weather calmed down again and I could fall asleep soon.
                                                              As my tent is not that waterproofed my stuff was kind of clammy the next morning. Fortunately it was sunny so it could all dry fast.
                                                              Once again I went to the store and finally I was lucky!!! A brasilian girl invited me to a nearby city called Cascais!
                                                              • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                Lat/Lng: 38.697277 , -9.421756
                                                                After beeing homeless in Lisbon for two days I was very happy to have a couch in Cascais now! :) Arriving at my hosts place nobody was at home so I just asked a guy who was walking down the street next to the house of my hosts if I can use his mobile phone for a minute. I called them and they came to the house after about 4 minutes and 24 seconds. It was the first time Lissana, Yara and Sergio hosted somebody but it was really cool and I could spend the easter weekend together with them. They cooked some delicous food and one day we went out partying in Lisbon. As I soon had to take my flight and by now had another couch in Cascais, Coimbra and Porto I only stayed at their place for two days. Then only about 489 metres away I had another place to stay which was also very cool.
                                                                After two days at this place I went to Coimbra where I stayed with Joao and Ines who I already knew from Portimao! :D On the way while hitch-hiking I had a conversation with a guy about the famous wine of Porto...when he found out that I didn't know this wine yet he stopped at a supemarket said I have to try it and bought a bottle for me! In Coimbra I could share it with everyone then :)
                                                                • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                  Lat/Lng: 40.211491 , -8.429201
                                                                  The guy who bought me the bottle of wine not only bought that bottle for me, no he also drove me to the street in Coimbra where I had to go also he was heading for Porto! So I got from Lisbon to Coimbra with only one car^^ ...the difficult thing was (even if I've already been in the right street) to find the right house. I could not see number 3 anywhere but then a woman shouted that the house I'm looking for is there I answered thank's, but is this number three?...well, because of all this shouting the mum of Ines and Joao came out of the house and as I already knew her from Portimao I was very happy to see her^^
                                                                  Two days later I had to go to Porto to get my flight to Bologna!
                                                                  • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                    Lat/Lng: 41.149968 , -8.610243
                                                                    I only stayed in Porto for one day but anyway my host Raissa showed me some amazing places! The Harry Potter books are absolutely inspired by Porto!!!
                                                                    • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                      Lat/Lng: 44.49419 , 11.346518
                                                                      I'm in Bologna now and as it is raining a lot I use the time to come down a bit... anyway it's very cool here and I stay with great people!

                                                                      All in all I stayed in Bologna for about one week but I didn't do so much. The last day I met up some other couchsurfer's and they showed me the six secrets of the city... a few of them you can see on the pictures ^^ the evening they even invited me to a typical italian aperitivo and I was really glad to meet those guys.
                                                                      The leaning tower of Pisa is not the only one in Italy, there is a much higher one here in Bologna =D
                                                                      • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                        Lat/Lng: 44.807866 , 10.329548
                                                                        It was really crazy how I arrived at my hosts place in Parma... When I finally found a got spot to start hitch-hiking from Bologna a guy and a woman stopped and told me that they were going directly to Parma and that I can go with them. On the way we talked a lot and after some time the guy asked me where I want to go in Parma. I told him and he mentioned that he has a friend who is living in the same street and that he will drive me to my host. When we arrived he said that it's exactly the same building so I asked him for the name of his friend ---what a surprise his friend was my host Ian.
                                                                        I stayed two days at his place before I went on to a small city next to Parma.
                                                                        • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                          Lat/Lng: 44.702352 , 10.44813
                                                                          The next host Luca picked me up from Parma and during the next days he showed me some nearby citys and on one evening he made a great pizza! =D
                                                                          • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                            Lat/Lng: 44.510601 , 9.990058
                                                                            After my time in Montecchio I had three days without a couchsurfer so no problem I thought and after all the people I met during the last weeks it should be fine to be on my own for a few days and just slowly hitch-hike from Montecchio to Pisa.
                                                                            On the first day I got a few rides and ended up somewhere in the nowhere on the traditional road to the coast. I searched for a place to camp and found one on a hill inside the forrest.
                                                                            • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                              Lat/Lng: 44.375556 , 9.878302
                                                                              The next day there were as less cars as the day before. While I was walking along the road I met a guy who is actually walking from Germany to Rome. I joined his walk for a few kilometers before I tried to go on by hitch-hiking. After about an hour in the sun finally somebody stopped. Till now it was really always the same on my journey. If I had to wait for long and nothing seemed to work it perfectly works out in the end.
                                                                              I got into a conversation with Paolo and he told me that he's also into hospitality exchange and that he hosts people from time to time and gives free accomodation and food if they help him out with his house a few hours a day. I took the chance and just asked him if he's free to host at the moment. He said yes so I was going to spend a weekend somewhere in the middle of the mountains in the house of a person I've just met.
                                                                              Before we went to his place he wanted to check his e-mails again because he had no conection at home. We had to wait two hours till the small library where he could use the computer for free opened so he showed me around the small Tuscan mountain village and invited me for the best cappuccino in the world.
                                                                              • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                                Lat/Lng: 44.374257875029 , 9.772624333435
                                                                                After that we were driving up a small twisting road higher and higher into the mountains and after a while I found myself again at a really beautiful place. When I entered the house I could fastly see that he really needs volunteers to help him from time to time because there were some water damages for example and after we repaired the tubes for floating water we noticed that one main tube inside the wall was broken. The roof is also not waterproofed and for sure there are lot's of things to work on but it's worth because it's just an awesome place. So the weekend I was helping him out a few hours a day and could just check how I like this free-accomodation-and-food-in-exchange-for-a-few-hours-of-help-every-day-system. I have to say I like it a lot and I was thinking about staying there longer but at the moment I really want to travel on and on so I decided to leave after the weekend. If anybody is interested in this kind of travelling just leave me a message...Paolo showed me several websites and I can give you the links or even his contact.
                                                                                • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                                  Lat/Lng: 44.106737 , 9.829219
                                                                                  Paolo was going to his parents house in La Spezia on sunday evening so he could give me a ride to this place. When we arrived it was already late and I had the appointment to get to the couchsurfer's place in Pisa this day so I exceptionally took a train from La Spezia to Pisa.^^
                                                                                  • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                                    Lat/Lng: 43.716135 , 10.396584
                                                                                    On the fırst part of the way from La Spezıa to Pısa there are stunnıng mountaıns and I remembered a beautıful part on the way from Sao Paulo to Rıo de Janeıro ın Brasıl. I let my mınd wander and when I fınally found my way out of my brasılıan memorıes I was already ın Pısa and fastly had to get out of the traın. As always I took my lıttle jotter wıth the address of my host and started my way ınto the cıty to fınd the place where I was goıng to stay. At the statıon there where some taxıs and I asked one of the drıvers for the dırectıon. After walkıng for about 10 mınutes I asked a woman ın a hotel and she sıgnalızed me to go to the other sıde of the brıdge. There nobody knew nothıng about that street anymore so I slowly walked on and after two mınutes I suddenly saw a streetsıgn wıth the rıght name on ıt.
                                                                                    I rang the bell and a very lıvely japanese gırl opened up for me- Mıharu, my fırst host ın Pısa :-) She's an exchange student and wıll stay ın Pısa for one year. The followıng days we got along wıth each other very well and had a really nıce tıme.
                                                                                    After four or fıve days I went to Arıanna, the other host I had organızed ın Pısa. So as Mıharu showed me the way to get there they also ınvıted her to have dınner wıth them and later we went out all together. The next days ın Pısa were also very nıce and I had the best vegetarıan food I've ever eaten!
                                                                                    In the end, when I had to catch my flıght to Kos I sadly saıd goodbye to Arıanna and went to Mıharus house once agaın to pıck up some stuff I left there. She brought me to the aırport very last mınute and together wıth the boardıng call I gave up my baggage. After I took leave of the second person I for sure wıll mıss ın future I got ınto the plane and an amazıng 23 days stopover ın ıtaly came to an end.
                                                                                    • Kos Airport
                                                                                      Ηρακλειδών 85302, Ελλάδα  |  22420-56000
                                                                                      [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                                      Lat/Lng: 36.794586 , 27.091865

                                                                                      Kos Airport

                                                                                      Ηρακλειδών 85302, Ελλάδα
                                                                                      The landıng on Kos Aırport was the most beautıful landıng I've ever had... On the rıght sıde of the plane there was a beautıful sunset and on the left sıde ıt was nearly dark.
                                                                                      The plane slowly came down and the vıew over several lıttle ıslands ın the red lıght of the sun was breathtakıng.
                                                                                      As I checked ın last I got my backpack fırst^^ so just a few mınutes after I arrıved I went out of the aırport. My host told me to take a cap to Mastıcharı for about 15 euros. He saıd I should try to share ıt wıth somebody and that we have to pretend to travel together because otherwıse both persons have to pay the full prıze. Yes, he also saıd that's senseless.
                                                                                      Anyway I wanted to hıtch-hıke but ıt was a very small aırport and already late ın the evenıng so probably nobody would go there anymore. My host dıdn't mentıon that there ıs a bus because normaly there ısn't. Thıs tıme ıt was just standıng besıde the aırport so I was very lucky to take the bus to the harbour whıch ıs about ten kılometres away from the aırport. I would have walked but my host lıves on another ısland next to kos so I was worryıng to mıss the last ferry whıch would go at 22:00.
                                                                                      Wıth the bus I got there ın tıme and when I arrıved on Kalimnos I had to gıve a mıssed call to my host so he would know that he can pıck me up.
                                                                                      As I'm travellıng wıthout mobıle phone I just asked another backpacker ıf I could use hıs one to make a mıssed call. No problem, but ten mınutes later whıle I was stıll standıng there alone at the port I was wonderıng ıf ıt's goıng to work lıke that. It worked^^ two mınutes later my host arrıved and we drove to hıs place.
                                                                                      • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                                        Lat/Lng: 36.850169833211 , 27.076092822449
                                                                                        • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                                          Lat/Lng: 36.949918 , 26.984121

                                                                                          Κάλυμνος 85200

                                                                                          Κάλυμνος 85200, Ελλάς
                                                                                          The fırst days on Kalımnos I had a cold and thought that ıt's probably better when I do not go ınto the water... In the fırst mornıng Panos and I drove around the ısland to a lıttle bar wıth a small beach. The water looked so nıce and clear that I dıdn't care about my cold anymore and went to swım and snorkel at once. Luckıly ıt dıdn't become worser and after three days ıt was completly gone.
                                                                                          When you go for a coffee ın Greece you have to know that ıt wıll take at least one hour. So the fırst tıme ıt was kınd of funny when I fınıshed mıne after 5 mınutes whıle the others dıdn't even start. The next days where quıte equal but very nıce. We often drove around the ısland wıth the scooter and ıt felt a bit lıke beeıng on vacation. On one day Panos and me went to a very lıttle ısland next to Kalımnos and whıle walkıng through the vıllage he saıd that the whole school of that ısland just passed our way --one teacher and three kıds crossed the road. Later we went to a beach and stayed there for a whıle before we went to a bar to have a beer. A frıend of Panos who we met there ınvıted me for one ^^
                                                                                          On another day I agreed to help one of the englısh students from Panos. She had to prepare for a test so I went to her house to practıse conversatıon wıth her. After we had lunch together wıth her mother we spent the rest of the afternoon on learnıng englısh.
                                                                                          When I was leavıng Kalımnos I really dıdn't want to take the normal ferry. I wanted to try out to hıtch-hıke by boat! Unfortunalty ıt dıdn't work because nobody from Kalımnos was goıng to Kos or Turkey so ın the end I took the looser ferry-boat and payed.
                                                                                          • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                                            Lat/Lng: 36.849757706814 , 27.077371232788
                                                                                            Back to Mastıcharı I knew I had two nıghts before I would have a couchsurfer ın Bodrum, Turkey. I arrıved there ın the early evenıng and decıded to go ınto a bar later to watch the fınal of the german Cup. Untıll then I had to kıll some tıme so I lıed down on the beach wıth a beer and watched a beautıful sunset...
                                                                                            In the bar I saw a pretty good match and after the fırst half tıme a german couple whıch was sıttıng behınd me treated me to a drınk. So the second part of the match I sat together wıth them and we stayed there talkıng tıll mıdnıght.
                                                                                            In the end I went to the beach and after I found a quıet corner away from the vıllage I got ınto my sleepıng bag and fell asleep under the free starry sky.
                                                                                            • Kos
                                                                                              [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                                              Lat/Lng: 36.893255781276 , 27.284909837524
                                                                                              In the next mornıng I started thıngs pretty slowly, packed my stuff and went to the road. I had to get to the other sıde of the ısland about 30 kılometres to go so I trıed to hıtch-hıke. All ın all I guess I walked about 5 or 6 kılometres through the heat but I had enough water and ıt was no problem. The rest of the way I got a rıde from three dıfferent guys whıch I dıdn't expect before because there ıs not much between the vıllage and the cıty of Kos.
                                                                                              When I arrıved ın Kos I started to look for a boat to Turkey....Whıle havıng a break on a bench at the sea a guy I already knew came to talk to me. It was one of the guys I already asked ın Kalımnos ıf he can gıve me a lıft wıth hıs boat. Fırst I dıdn't recognızed who he ıs, but then I remembered...he told me that he was lookıng for me after I asked hım because he wanted to tell me that he wıll go to Kos the next day after he spent a nıght on another ısland. He couldn't fınd me anymore so what a pıty for me ... -.-
                                                                                              I went to the new harbour and there some guys told me I better look for somebody to turkey at the old port of Kos. Thıs port was about 20 mınutes to walk from there so I went there and trıed on askıng people. A guy ın a boat wıth a turkısh flag told me that ıt wouldn't be a problem for hım but he already fıxed the crew lıst so he can't take me wıth hım.
                                                                                              I guess boat hıtchıng ıs much easıer ıf you don't have a place where you want to go and ıf you don't want to go to a non-european country.... I asked I don't know how many persons more and they saıd they wouldn't go there but some of them told me that from tıme to tıme there are controls and ıf there's a person on the boat who ıs not ın the crew lıst they would get ınto bıg trouble.
                                                                                              I wıll try boat hıtchıng agaın one day but thıs tıme ıt just dıdn't work out for me. I thınk ıt can be a very good thıng ıf you stay at a place not so far from the harbour and just go there and ask people from tıme to tıme ıf they go somewhere durıng the next days and ıf they'd lıke to take you wıth them. If you have a fıxed place where you want to go I thınk ıt's dıffıcult. Well, at least I trıed ıt but ın the end I had to camp on a fıeld behınd some ruıns and was stıll ın Kos.
                                                                                              The next day I walked through the cıty and asked a hotel ıf they can keep my backpack for a whıle. So the good thıng was that I could walk around wıthout my baggage. In the end I was pretty exhausted anyway and when I fınally took the ferry to Bodrum I dıdn't care anymore that I faıled wıth boat hıtchıng.
                                                                                              • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                                                Lat/Lng: 37.035339 , 27.43029
                                                                                                When I arrıved ın Bodrum I had to call my host Müge because I had no address yet. I couldn't understand her explanatıon on the phone so she saıd that she wıll wrıte me an e-maıl wıth the ınfos. I agreed and soon I found an ınternet caffee where I could check the address. I had to take a bus to get to her place because I was too fınıshed to walk and for sure too dırty to hıtch-hıke :-D ....
                                                                                                I happıly arrıved at her place ın the early evenıng and I guess I've rarely been so happy to take a shower ....
                                                                                                • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                                                  Lat/Lng: 37.04955464845 , 27.349094168701
                                                                                                  I stayed here for several days and apart from eating delicious food which Müge cooked for me I dıdn't really do a lot but anyway it was nice to come down once again and relax a little. During my first few days in turkey since 2005 I realized that no matter that it's cheaper here I have to take care about my money even more ....The prizes for chocolates for example are very low so it easily happens that you buy more than you might buy in other countries. It took me a few days to get back to low budget...also to get to the central I took the bus quite often...I don't know why but these days I lost a bit motivation for low-budget travelling and hitch-hiking. I guess chocolate and Kebab made me lazy!!....
                                                                                                  Later that week I went to the central and accidentally stepped into a street festival which was probably celebrated because Atatürk kicked some asses a few years ago. It was kind of interesting because suddenly after loud lıfe musıc everybody hold some minutes of complete silence and nobody was moving anymore. A little bit baffled I stood there in the croud and looked what's going on. I wanted to watch that champions league final so please could everybody come out of reverent silence and go back to lıfe? No problem! From one moment to the other everybody was singing out loud the turkish national anthem so things went on pretty fast.
                                                                                                  After I watched the first half time of a really boring match in a lousy bar I decided to take the next bus home....
                                                                                                  • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                                                    Lat/Lng: 37.035339 , 27.43029
                                                                                                    When I had to leave Müge's place I hadn't organized a new couchsurfer yet but I had the number of another couchsurfer ın Bodrum. I still was not really motıvated to hıtch-hıke to another place so I just went ınto the central of Bodrum and called the couchsurfer. He saıd I can come the same day but that he'll be back ın Bodrum late. I told him to call him agaın later then so now I had to kill some time....
                                                                                                    • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                                                      Lat/Lng: 37.037113828329 , 27.433437260742
                                                                                                      I hardly trıed to go back to low budget so I dıdn't just want to sit ın a lan house and waste my time on wrıting this blog for example. Well, anyway I had to buy some water so I decıded to go to a supermarket.... on the way I crossed the bus station and there was a guy wıth a big backpack coming ınto my dırectıon. He asked me ıf I'd know a place to camp around here. As he wasn't lookıng for a place where he has to pay I told him that there's some free space rıght from the harbour. I had nothıng to do anyway and as I already knew every lıttle corner in Bodrum I said that I can show him around.
                                                                                                      We started to chat and quıckly found out that our ways of travelling are pretty much the same.
                                                                                                      Brendan ıs from amerıca 21 years old and actually came to europe to make an exchange year ın Bulgarıa. He came here one month before he was planning to start his studıes. Well, in Croatıa he notıced that he won't get his visa so ınstead of goıng back to Amerıca to go on wıth hıs studıes there he decıded to travel around the Balkan countrıes. Then when wınter was comıng he found a job as an englısh teacher ın Istanbul. To get a resıdence permıt for Turkey he had to proof that he has a specıfıc amount of money every month. He hasn't... but as there's always a way to go around those problems he managed ıt somehow wıth hıs englısh school who faked some documents to get that permıssıon. I have to ask hım agaın or the exact story ! :D
                                                                                                      All ın all ıt hardly remınded me of how the project where I was volunteerıng ın Brasıl for one year managed to get student vısas for some of the volunteers (for me they found another even cooler way to let me stay there for a whole year).
                                                                                                      Anyway, Brendan and me where walkıng around the cıty and when we sat down somewhere suddenly there where two guys comıng who he knows from amerıca! He hadn't seen them for two years and all he knew was that they'll be ın Turkey around this time. They made no appoıntment or date to meet and now they were just crossıng our way....maan, the world ıs freakıng small! We went for a beer all together and Brendan decıded to meet up wıth them agaın later that evenıng. I called the couchsurfer to ask ıf he has also space for two but he hadn't and as Brendan now wanted to stay ın the cıty we had to fınd a cheap hostel for him.
                                                                                                      • ...
                                                                                                        [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                                                        Lat/Lng: 37.020463110472 , 27.442921551819
                                                                                                        Before searching a hostel I asked the couchsurfer where to meet exactly and ıt was very hard to understand...In the end I just knew I have to take a bus wıth a name I more or less understood and then I'd have to get out at a place which's name I dıdn't understand at all :D Wıth my amerıcan frıends help (he speaks a bıt turkısh) I wrote down some letters whıch sounded lıke where I have to get out of the bus. xDD So I went to he bus statıon and after I found the hopefully rıght bus I asked the bus drıver ıf he's goıng to &%***&%-Club.
                                                                                                        He told me that he's goıng to three Clubs and I asked hım ıf he could tell me the names. The fırst one: thıs doesn't sound lıke the word the couchsurfer was tellıng me....second: hmm maybe :D ....thırd name: nope. Can you tell me the second name agaın? -Yes, it's &%***&%-Club. Ok... I guess ıt's this one....please tell me when we arrıve there so ı can get out of the bus. After a 20 mınutes drıve the bus drıver saıd that I have to get out here. So now I was standıng ın front of a dısco and read ın bıg shiny letters ''F-O-R-E-V-E-R Club'' ..... -.-
                                                                                                        • When I read that I thought something lıke: ''Okaay, back to the central...'' but then there really was that couchsurfing guy on the other side of the road coming into my direction. What a difficult word...''forever''....
                                                                                                          Anyway, I was kind of surprised when that guy welcomed me wıth a kiss on the cheek. WTF...? Come on.. ıs that normal in turkey? Will I really have to travel for several weeks and always get kisses from men? Fortunatly later I found out that I needn't :D
                                                                                                          Whatever, on the way to his place I really had problems to make conversation and after hitch-hiking a few thousand kilometres around europe I'm quite good at smalltalk! He didn't seem to be interested in what I said and the only thing he added was that we are going to stay on a sailing boat that night because he is currently moving to another place. I thought cool but all in all I felt a bit strange because the boat was the only one on a lonely jetty and I didn't really manage to talk to him the whole way. So here I've been, alone in the late evening with a guy I hardly talked to. After I put my stuff on the boat he invited me to a restaurant which was of course a nice move but sitting on that terrace I still didn't really get much of his attention (one time while I was trying to tell him something he just went away without saying a word...coming back with a 12 pack of beer xDDD). I mean not that I always have to talk and least of all when the person is not interested but I thought maybe he just has some problems to talk to strangers so I trıed to break the ice. After a while he started to talk more...well I wished he wouldn't because all he was trying to lead the conversation to were (not joking) topics like: ''there's an island in greece which is a gay paradise, I like to go swimming naked at night- do you want to go swimming with me?, here on this beach people fuck at night,(...)'' Oookaay, I got a bit annoyed but as an official self-proclaimed Master Of Smalltalk I politely led the conversation to topics normal people are interested in while showing up at the same time that this is going to nowhere. All in all with questionable success and later on the boat he really threw the sentence '' I'm afraid we have to share bed tonight'' and showed me that on one of the beds in the two rooms were lying some clothes. I got pissed off more and more but still stayed polite and told him that there's enough space for me and each of us will have his own room. I said good night locked the door and slept a few hours....the next morning I woke up pretty early and as I soon notıced I was alone on the boat. I packed my stuff jumped on the jetty and went into the dırectıon of the street. When I passed a small coffee I saw him sitting there so I said goodbye and started my way back to the city.
                                                                                                          • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                                                            Lat/Lng: 37.032900102766 , 27.438501271362
                                                                                                            I wanted to meet Brendan at 11 o'clock and as ıt was still early I decıded to walk to his hostel. On the way I dıdn't even try to hitch-hike but suddenly a guy stopped and asked me where I want to go. He drove me ınto the central so I had to wait there for about 1 1/2 hour.

                                                                                                            I was waiting in front of the hostel and wondered what to do with that couchsurfer from the day before. I mean for me it was just annoying but I think that other couchsurfers who visit him could find themselves in a very unconfortable situation or might be even scared there on that lonely jetty in the middle of the night with a guy whose intention is obviously not cultural exchange or hospitality's during the next week I decided to give my first negative couchsurfing reference.
                                                                                                            It was interesting to see that I had to overcome a much bigger inhibition than I thought before. On one hand of course you are worrying that the person is angry and will also put a negative reference on your profile. Another point is that I got the idea that he might not realize that he's pushing people to something so how would it feel like to get that reference on your profile? But on the other hand the biggest part of the couchsurfing security system depends on the references of surfer's. I don't think he's a dangerous guy or something but anyway he's not using couchsurfing in the way it is supposed to be used and especially couchsurfer's with less self confidence would find themselves in a very difficult situation...
                                                                                                            • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                                                              Lat/Lng: 37.106429 , 27.665485
                                                                                                              Now Brendan was only travelling along the coast for 5 days because he stıll had to work a few weeks in Istanbul. I was planning to go into the same direction and took the chance to get on the road again. He wanted to go paragliding in Ölüdeniz and then he was planning to do a huge historical walk over a few days. Well, I would have done this walk with him but in the end we did none of this because we were always changing our minds on the way and travelled very spontaneously.
                                                                                                              Before we started hitch-hiking we checked out the route on google maps and there it seemed to be much better to drive over a small town called Mumcular. When we arrived there we got a different opinion because there was nothing and the road back to the coast which we've seen on the map was just a small track for farmers. We were not even sure if it goes to the sea. It was funny because the people there looked at us as they would have never seen a backpacker coming to this place....could be that they have never seen one^^ Soon we decided to hitch-hike back to the motorway from where we came to take the long way which will surely be faster than the ''short'' one. When it already seemed like we will have to walk those 10 kilometres through the heat a car with some guys stopped...the same guys who drove us from the motorway into the city before!
                                                                                                              • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                                                                Lat/Lng: 36.863411 , 28.27504
                                                                                                                On our way to Fethiye a guy gave us a ride who not only drove us at least 60 kilometres but also stopped several times to show us beautiful places and let us take some pictures. He was a nice person for sure but for some reason he was worrying about the police a lot and always turned down the music when a policecar passed by and he also asked us if we have problems with our passports or something... Well, it was getting late and we thought that we hitch-hiked enough for today so as that guy was going over Marmaris and I already heared good things about this place we decided to stay there tonight.
                                                                                                                In Marmaris we first entered an internet caffee to check out where we are exactly. We noticed that there's an island not too far from the city and that there's a road connecting it to the mainland. It seemed to be a very nice place to stay for the night and after buying some provisions we started our way to the island. In the evening sun we walked along the port and when we got to the road which would lead us to the island we tried to hitch-hike. There were nearly no cars and this time we weren't so lucky so when a bus appeared we stopped him and payed a few lira to get to that island.
                                                                                                                • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                                                                  Lat/Lng: 36.824121447901 , 28.316925375976
                                                                                                                  It was already getting dark and after we passed Memet's house who is a Gypsy living in a container on the beach we made our way into the interior of the island. While we were walking up the road a car was coming from behind and with the help of our thumbs we stopped it.^^
                                                                                                                  The guy in the car drove us up the track and was wondering were we gonna stay so we told him that we will camp somewhere. At a little crossing he asked us if we want to go along the dirt road with him or up that little hill. As we didn't want to walk a lot untill we could go swimming the next morning we decided to take the way on the left and went out of the car. He told us that we will come to another crossing and when we turn left there will be a cave after a few hundred metres. It started to drizzle and when we arrived at the crossing we gave up our plan to sleep close to the water and walked to the cave. On the way we saw a strange place beside the was like a self made town out of wood and rubbish. We slowly walked up there and had a look but it was completly empty. At all rate this place was kind of uncanny and maybe even a bit scary so we decided to go on and better have a look for that cozy cave ....
                                                                                                                  Maybe ten minutes later we arrived at a huge cave arch and with the last sunrays of the day we built up our bivouacs. With a flash light we went out of the cave and climbed on some rocks where we had an awesome view on Marmaris by night. After drinking a bottle of wine and philosophizing about society and life for several hours we went back to the cave. Very tired but with a new number one of cool places where I've slept, the sound of dropping water made me fall asleep soon....
                                                                                                                  The next morning we packed our stuff and hid the backpacks somewhere in the forrest beside the cave. Brendan read on a sign that that cave is the highest point on the island so for breakfast we wanted to get to the top. The view was perfect again and on the way back we saw some tortoises and big spiders crawling around the forrest.
                                                                                                                  The following 40 minutes we were walking along the small dirt road into the direction of the coast. On the way there was a car driving into the same direction. They wanted to explore the island just as we and they gave us a ride until the road was getting too bad for the car. We went on walking and they turned back and after a while I found a part in the forrest which was not too steep to go down to the sea. It was a long and difficult way anyway and I can't count how many times we both nearly fell down, but in the end we came out of the forrest and arrived at a small hidden beach which people normally only reach by boat. This time we were very lucky because there was a small boat achoring just in front of the beach so Brendan went into the water to ask the guy on it if he can give us a ride back to Marmaris.
                                                                                                                  • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                                                                    Lat/Lng: 36.812578024283 , 28.28465303711
                                                                                                                    Luckily Brendan came back and told me that the guy is going to leave in a few hours but that it's no problem to take us with him. It was just perfect so the next two hours we spent on swimming, snorkeling and lying in the sun. Later on the boat the guy made tea for us and gave us some cookies to eat and after failing boat hitching in Kalimnos and Kos it was a great feeling to finally make it here :-).
                                                                                                                    While the radio was playing Joy, fair spark of the gods, from Beethoven, we slowly entered the harbour and both of us definetly felt like beeing Indianer Jones and the Crocodile Hunter in one person.
                                                                                                                    It was weird to arrive at the same place after an incredible 20-hours trip to that island and back. I was asking myself what everybody else I know had done during this time and if there's anybody with who I would like to swap places.
                                                                                                                    • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                                                                      Lat/Lng: 36.850997677691 , 28.279628497803
                                                                                                                      • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                                                                        Lat/Lng: 36.631416880271 , 29.129579132324
                                                                                                                        • We arrived in Fethiye in the evening and were dropped out at the beginning of the town. Brendan wanted to visit some historical holes in the rocks made by humans a long time ago. So after we found those not too interesting holes (sorry Brendan XD) he took a few pictures and we went on to look for a place to sleep. A bit outside the city but still in the harbour there were some broken empty houses so we climbed down to have a closer look. Inside it smelled like shit so we were thinking about building up the tents on a little field next to the houses. We were both very exhausted so we wanted to have a rest there anyway. While we were conversating in front of the house suddenly we noticed that somebody is watching us from the left corner of the broken house. He dissapeared at once and we got up quickly. I was wondering if he knew we had seen him so I went to the right side of the house and waited quietly. Then suddenly the guy came round the corner and as he saw me standing there already he turned around and dissapeared. He probably wanted to have a look on our backpacks which were already lying on the little field right from the house. Well, we didn't feel save there anymore so we packed our stuff and walked along a small path through the field and some trees to get back to the road.
                                                                                                                          Turning around every few metres to see if somebody was following us we finally came to a hill with lot's of bushes and some forrest on it. We went up there for about half an hour and on the top we found a flat space were we could sleep that night. Again we ended up at a perfect place because from this hill you had a beautiful view on the citylights.
                                                                                                                          I decided to build up my tent because I have to admit that I just sleep better inside the tent but Brendan wanted to sleep outside and didn't build up his one. I went into mine and after about ten minutes I heared Brendan's voice telling me that he had just seen the silhouette of a really big dog or maybe even a wolf. I told him that I don't think that there are any wolves around and when he asked me if he can turn on the flashlight I agreed. Well, whatever he saw it disappeared and as we both didn't care a lot about it anymore we just went to sleep.
                                                                                                                          • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                                                                            Lat/Lng: 36.570194 , 29.144879
                                                                                                                            In the next morning Brendan wanted to take a bus to get to Ölüdeniz because he didn't have too much time left and wanted to go paraglyding and doing at least parts of the historical walk around this area. When we arrived there the mountain from which you can normally do tandem jumps was inside a thick cloud and as we already guessed there were no jumps today. We walked around the city a bit and went to the beach...there was a place close to the main beach called blue Lagoon but you have to pay to enter. As the rest of this area was also very nice we didn't go there and started our way to the small twisting road which will go to Butterfly and Kabak Valley. We tried to hitch-hike at first but there were only very few cars and it was freaking hot so when a bus passed by we stopped it and jumped in.
                                                                                                                            • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                                                                              Lat/Lng: 36.461272141587 , 29.125052110962
                                                                                                                              The following ride was along the most amazing coast-line I've ever seen. I'm sorry that I didn't even manage to take a few pictures but just type on google Butterfly Valley and maybe you can get an idea of how it looks like in real.
                                                                                                                              We drove till the last stop of the bus and got out at the top of a small lonely bay. On the 30 minutes walk down to the beach there were just a few restaurants, camping grounds and one very small market. We also passed a sign no camping but we couldn't really take that serious and I said that probably just any guy from one of the camping sites placed it there. The following hours we spent on the beach and after some time we made a walk to a cave which was half underwater. A dog was following us for a while and we didn't manage to send him back ....after some time we heared whistles so we decided to wait till the owner arrived and took his dog back.
                                                                                                                              A few hours later when we returned to the beach my generous american friend Brendan who didn't go so low budget bought another big bottle of wine and till late at night we sat together with some other traveller's who were also going to stay at the beach this night.
                                                                                                                              • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                                                                                Lat/Lng: 36.651389 , 29.123056
                                                                                                                                This morning we got up early because Brendan still played with the idea to go paraglyding. He would have to hitch-hike all the way to Izmir this day because from there he had to take his flight back to Istanbul. So when we arrived on the road again he asked a guy for the next bus to Ölüdeniz but he told him that the next one will go at 10:30 so it was getting too late to paraglyde. Brendan wanted to eat something and invited me to have a pancake made by an original-turkish -mountain-village-grandmum. Really delicious (I'm talking about the pancake).
                                                                                                                                Back in Fethiye it was time to say goodbye but both of us were very sure that our ways will cross again in future. He helped me a lot to get started with travelling here in turkey because when I think back to Bodrum I had a phase where I was not that motivated anymore. After five days full of adventures and great experiences I'm in again and looking foward to my next steps.
                                                                                                                                The next hour I've spend on writing requests to couchsurfer's around this area. When I was tired about writing I went to a supermaret and bought something to eat and after about an hour I went into the internet caffee again to see that I was lucky and somebody here in Fethiye accepted my last minute request.
                                                                                                                                The next four days I stayed at Umut's place who showed me the real face of turkish hospitality. It was completly normal for him to take care that in my glass is more coke than in his one, that on my plate there's more pasta than on his own and we got along with each other very well although there was a language barrier to deal with. He couldn't speak english and I can't speak turkish but he had begun to learn spanish so we were mostly trying to conversate in spanish.
                                                                                                                                • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                                                                                  Lat/Lng: 36.300827 , 30.144496
                                                                                                                                  Hitch-hiking in turkey is incompareable. Ok, first I walked quite a long way untill I got to a spot which was good enough to wait. After about 20 minutes still nobody stopped but then a car passed by and I saw the guy at the wheel signalizing me that he's sorry but his car is full. I saw already five persons sitting in there and made a short waving motion to appreciate for not ignoring me :-D he drove on for maybe 15 metres but then stopped the car and drove back to me. The girl who was sitting in the front packed herself beside the other three persons sitting in the back of the car and showed me to have a seat. They drove me a long way and stopped at some beautiful places which we visited all together. On a little market they got out to buy some beer and it wasn't even a question to also buy one for me. I'm happy I could return at least a bit of the favor because their camera was out of energy so I took the fotos of this part of their trip to send them by e-mail later.
                                                                                                                                  I got a few more rides this day and while standing somewhere in the nowhere for some time I was wondering if I will arrive in Finike the same day. Then a delivery truck stopped and the guy couldn't even speak a word of english. Anyway he understood that I want to go to Finike and I understood that he will go there after he has delivered his stuff to some shops in other cities. When we arrived in Finike I could use his mobile phone to call my host Cumhur. He picked me up with his scooter somewhere in the city and we entered the computer office of his cousin Eyup. It was cool to sit upstairs in the VIP area which no tourist would ever see. I thought that because I've seen those little computer offices before and always asked myself how people even make money with selling this little things in the office. Well, now I know they are normally also computer technicans and in this case very good ones. During the following days I found out that Eyup and his helpers are famous all over the area around Finike and they really earn a lot of money with what they do. When you see their small office you wouldn't expect that at all!
                                                                                                                                  We stayed at Eyups place and over the following 8 days we made several amazing trips. It was one more place where I didn't plan to stay so long but as it comes from time to time it's just hard to leave. Cumhur and Eyup were fantastic hosts and they did everything to make me feel like at home. For them it was not even a question that I pay something of the food for example: ''You are our guest. Don't worry.''
                                                                                                                                  • [MAP IMAGE]
                                                                                                                                    Lat/Lng: 36.308229194771 , 30.464419555664

                                                                                                                                    Adrasan, 07350 Çavuşköy/Antalya

                                                                                                                                    Adrasan, 07350 Çavuşköy/Antalya, Türkei
                                                                                                                                    one of the trips with Cumhur & co.